The cat is out of the bag as PTI contacts IMF and EU to halt their engagements with Pakistan

Political DiscourseThe cat is out of the bag as PTI contacts IMF and...

Islamabad, Pakistan: Finally, the cat is out of the bag and the real purpose of the rigging drama was revealed on Thursday when the former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan announced his plan to write letters to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Union demanding them to halt their engagements with Pakistan.

According to Imran Khan’s proposed letter, the February 8 General Elections were rigged. Party leader Senator Ali Zafar informed media that Imran Khan will write to the IMF as well as to the European Union against Pakistan and demanding them to refrain from engaging with Islamabad as according to Ali Zafar, the reason given was that Pakistan lacked democratic transparency. Zafar believed that EU and IMF engagement with Pakistan should be linked to an audit against rigging,” adding, “We have urged the IMF to ensure free and fair elections in Pakistan.”


It may be remembered that in the past PTI also tried to halt IMF loaning to Pakistan when it lost its central government but still had the government in KPK, wrote a letter to IMF suggesting not to release any loaning to Pakistan. The same party also wrote to the United Nations to take action against Pakistan for alleged abuse of human rights. Now the latest move is to write again to the IMF to halt the IMF’s loan installment of March 2024.

PTI even before the February 8 elections launched a calculated campaign to discredit Pakistan’s General Elections 2024 globally through a synchronized media campaign and many senior journalists call this campaign a global operation funded by the House of Goldsmith to destabilize Pakistan. It is pertinent to mention that former President Asif Ali Zardari in one of his interviews claimed that the House of Goldsmith was behind media management of PTI. However, PTI’s official sources claim that global media campaigns are funded through foreign funding coming from PTI’s supporters. PTI has hired US lobbying firms to run its media management in North America and in Europe. The party is also not shy to accept that it has foreign funds and contacts with foreign think tanks and media houses. It may be recalled that a resolution against Pakistan was submitted in the US House of Representatives by a member of Congress who is pro-India and Israel. This lobby group is already engaged in creating an anti-Pakistan narrative that has direct links with the PTI Global team.

PTI campaigns usually target the Election Commission of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Supreme Court Qazi Faez Isa, and the Pakistan Army by trying to pitch the public against armed forces.

Some journalistic circles in Islamabad claim that there is no iota of doubt left that targeting the Pakistan Army, Election Commission of Pakistan, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan through the publication of articles in American and Western media is a part of the PTI plan to discredit Pakistan and portraying the country as a “non-functional state”.

These circles are of the view that “Operation Discredit Pakistan” is part of “Operation Goldsmith”. If someone reads content available in Western media about Pakistan, he or she can immediately feel that all content has so many similarities and it appears that all material available in media has the same source, with a clear framework to establish that  “Pakistan is a corrupt country”.

Since the Western media has proven in recent years that for any event to become “news” it requires to be aligned with a broader Western agenda and the “Western needs”, one has to find what are “Western needs” for publishing/broadcasting/distributing so much material having similar kind of allegations against Pakistan? In an article published recently, the writer tries to answer this question.

The writer believes that Imran Khan is a Western-infested leader whose only agenda is to damage Pakistan while pretending an “anti-West” leader but working essentially on Western bidding.

The article adds:

If Imran Khan’s claims to the domestic public that he said “absolutely not” to the USA and will never agree to become part of any US venture is true, he could never get the amount of media coverage he is getting. He now is sending messages to his party workers to ask the West to intervene to get him out of jail, why would the West intervene if it has nothing to get out of him? The West has the audacity not to intervene even if an active genocide is happening (for example in Gaza) because that intervention does not suit the Western agenda, so don’t make a fool of the naive public, Imran Khan suits the Western agenda and Imran Khan knows that rest is a mockery of this nation and nationhood. Imran Khan during his previous regime halted the Chinese CPEC and ruined Pakistan’s foreign relations with Russia, by mocking the gas pipeline, with Turkey through public half-nude parading of Turkish Company officials, with Saudi Arabia by cursing the host who borrowed him his aircraft to fly to the US, Iran by maximizing the Taliban backed Sunni militias on Iranian borders. In a nutshell, Imran Khan sabotaged everything for or in favor of the Global South.

The article claims that Western media works on Western agendas and even started the drumming “rigging” in Pakistan even before the elections were held.

The negativity of the European Union towards Pakistan’s political spectrum is not new. Even in July 2023, the European Union started blaming elections in Pakistan would not being fair and free. Without providing any tangible data, Michael Gahler, the head of the Election Observation Mission (EOM) of the EU Parliament claimed that Pakistani politics must not be decided by the “third force”.  He stated that Pakistan had not invited observers even much before Pakistan announced the date of the elections. His statement that “we are not sure about the general elections in Pakistan in 2023” triggered doubts about his impartiality and his statement was taken contrary to the ground realities of Pakistan.

To continuously funnel anti-Pakistan rhetoric steady flow of disinformation is very important and for that purpose, after every couple of days, an event sprouts superficially but with a calculated move and provides a steady flow of information to relate with the broader unstable country. West took the event like a relay race and passed it on to the media. The statement of a bureaucrat, the resignation of an officer resentment of a politician, PTI information flow never stops.

In the series that the Western media recently got was a press conference held by the former commissioner Rawalpindi on February 17 in which he claimed that elections were rigged in Rawalpindi Division and he accused the Chief Election Commission of Pakistan and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan for alleged rigging. Interestingly on February 22, 2024, he totally refuted allegations he leveled on February 17, 2024, when he was called by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to record his official statement.

According to ECP sources, in his recorded statement, the former Commissioner claimed that he held a press conference on the instructions of a political party (possibly PTI). He, during his recorded statement, said that he was ashamed of his statement against the Chief of ECP and the Chief of the Supreme Court and he tendered unconditional apology.

But the aftermaths of these inorganic events never got any attention, the chosen subjects create news, and news gets circulated about what happened next, western media does not care.

How long we will sit and watch this circus, just to maintain our civil duty and conduct of a law-abiding citizen? Pakistan must not have any doubt that an information war has been waged upon it, just to bend it to accept that Imran Khan is the first choice of the West and that demand must be abided by.

Imran Khan has billions of dollars on his behalf, which the West is ready to bet on him and the media campaign combined with these stunts pulled by government officials must be investigated. They must get exemplary reprimand also a clear message must be sent to the West that their demands cannot be met, and they must stop encouraging anarchy in Pakistan. No individual should have any authority to contact any international agency on Pakistan’s behalf, if someone does, he/she must be put into custody immediately because it is a matter of national security.

Lastly, there is a need to take strict actions against such persons and make them an example for others that if someone goes against the state what could be the consequences? This PTI delusional lot is a weapon in the hands of our enemy, they must be strafed down and eliminated as an imminent threat to our national security.

Published on 23 Feb 2024

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