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Tere bin Drama

Tere Bin Drama starring Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi is getting to the heights of popularity in Pakistan. The drama includes a big star-studded cast, a grandeur setting and some grasping scenes. Despite all of this, some netizens are not much impressed by the storyline and depiction of some scenes. They feel it is not giving off authentic Pakistani drama vibes but a copy of a typical Indian soap serial.


Similarities Between Tere Bin Drama and Indian Dramas

A lot of us have grown up watching Indian dramas that used to extend to thousands of episodes. There was a lot of exaggeration and useless scenes in those dramas. Therefore netizens are relating Tere Bin Drama to many Indian drama serials. Fans are also flabbergasted over Yumna Zaidi’s choice of this project. They think that her talent is extraordinary and they are surprised that she chose to work in such a drama serial.

Here are some reasons why the similarity is uncanny.

A Sequel of Is Pyar Ko Kia Naam Du?

Tere bin Drama

Although Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi are well-liked by the audience. They are the only reason why it is getting gross popularity. However, this Pakistani drama seems like a copy of the Indian drama Is Pyaar Ko Kia Naam Du. The resemblance is because of continuous friction between the lead roles who are eventually going to fall in love.

Back in those times, people loved watching this drama but now that’s old school. Viewers have speculated resemblance in these scenes.

Meerab’s Sudden Realization About Her Biological Parents

Meerab is seen as a young, confident, and educated girl who has not learnt to bend down in front of someone. Everything is going on perfectly in her life until she visits her close relatives with her family and everything in her life topples.

She realizes that her life has been nothing but a lie. Whom she considered her parents all her life have no biological connections with her. It is quite absurd how the family members never talked about her. It does not happen in Pakistani dramas but in India where one moment can change a whole life. This is what is happening in Meerab’s life.

Love or Hate Relationship

Tere Bin drama

Meerab and Murtasim are in a love-hate complex relationship. It started as hate towards each other with only a few glimpses of love or sympathy towards each other. We all know that they are eventually going to fall in love and live happily ever after.

Just like Indian dramas, this drama is based on contract marriage. Meerab presents a full-fledged contract to Murtasim before getting married to him. Like where in Pakistan does this contract marriage occur?

Cringy Wedding Dance


If you have some memory, you might remember the exes or failed lovers dancing at their lovers’ weddings in Indian dramas. Tere Bin Drama has its take on cringe dance too.

Haya, Murtasim’s lover presents a cringe, not-so-emotional dance at his wedding to make him realize how heartbroken she is. Fans thought of it as completely unnecessary and to be honest a few emotional dialogues would have done much better than the Indian dance moves.

The Legendary Shawl

Murtasim’s shawl has been going rounds on the internet. How he wrapped his white long shawl around his shoulders reminded viewers of Amitabh Bachan in Muhabbaten. His shawl grabbed a lot of attention. Many believed that it gave his character grace and others made fun of him running around in a long white shawl.

Holy Places Are Being Romantacised

Indian films and dramas often show their temples, gurdwaras, and holy shrines as romantic spots. The lovers meet at these holy places, fall in love or reunite with their lost lovers at these places. Pakistani dramas are following the same idea although for us shrines are holy places. Tere Bin drama shows a holy shrine of a Sufi saint where the two stop to offer prayer. The scene was romanticised just like in Indian dramas and movies.

End Note

While many are pondering over Yumna Zaidi’s and Wahaj Ali’s choice of doing this project, others are appreciating that it is gaining international popularity too. Amongst all the copied instances, what remains original is the versatility of the talented actors, minimal makeup, and pure acting.  The positive thing about Tere Bin drama is Yumna’s strong character who has the voice to stand up against the feudal system.

We need to support the best Pakistani dramas by understanding the efforts the whole team put into bringing entertainment to viewers.

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
Dua is a seasoned writer who loves to write on Pakistani Entertainment and Infotainment while having her Masters in English literature

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