Should You Buy MG Vehicles? Unavailability Of Parts Remains a Problem

MG vehicles are indeed great! But what about the parts? Find out the details and insight about the availability of car parts for several new automakers.


Among the new entrants, MG is one of the brands that were very quick in winning hearts. While this may be true, many customers still await the delivery of their booked MG vehicles. There is no debate in the quality and design standards of MG as observed in the locally purchased units. However, one question still remains unanswered for all the MG fans across Pakistan. “Are there any spare parts available for MG vehicles in Pakistan?”, there is no certain answer given to this as more and more vehicles are arriving on the roads.

MG vehicles Pakistan

MG Vehicles Spare Parts Status

As of now, there is no certainty about the availability of spare parts in Pakistan. While this may be valid, MG fans are coming forward with concerns about the vehicle’s maintenance. It goes without saying that the local road environment is not suitable for long-term exterior sustenance. Especially in the rush hours, the major cities of Pakistan observe a rather haphazard and unsafe travel environment. Regardless of the safety features offered in the new vehicles, there is still no clear word about the safety of the car’s exterior.

MG vehicles Pakistan

Too Many New Cars, Too Less Spare Parts!

This remains true for most of the new entrants in the automobile market of Pakistan. On one hand, it is definitely exciting to see many new brands making success in the local market. However, vehicle owners are not unaware of the fact that Pakistan is always late in the race of getting new vehicle models, part supplies, and policy updates.

The increasing number of vehicles on the road also increases the possibility of vehicle collisions. In this scenario, the claims of having stocks of automobile parts by automakers are not enough. It is more important to make these parts readily available at most dealerships across Pakistan. MG car parts are relatively expensive as compared to several local automakers in the race.

MG vehicle delivery shipping schedule falling behind due to COVID delays.

Should You Buy MG In Pakistan?

The answer is both yes and no. If you are willing to take the pain of waiting for an uncertain period of time to see the car parts arriving at the local market, you are good to go with the purchase. However, if you are among those who find it absolutely critical and risky to purchase a vehicle with an uncertain schedule of parts availability, MG or any other similar car of the category is not right for you.


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