Shajar-e-Mamnu Review – A Close Look Into The Famous Turkish Drama

Shajar-e-Mamnu is one of the most popular Turkish dramas aired on Urdu 1. The story of this drama is not less than a crazy roller coaster ride for the audience. The lead cast includes Eda Ece playing the character of a poor young girl named Yildiz who has an urge of living an upscale life. The other lead cast members include Talat Bulut as Khalid Argun, Sevval Sam as Alia, Oner Tuna as Alihan, and Sevda Erginci as Zainab. This show is one of the best Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu. Shajar-e-Mamnu is currently running its third season on Urdu 1.

Shajar-e-Mamnu (Yasak Elma) – A Brief Review

shajar-e-mamnu review

The story of this iconic Turkish drama involves a young poor girl named Yildiz who works in the company of a rich businessman named Khalid Argun. As the story unfolds, Aliya Argun – wife of Khalid Argun – plans to get rid of her husband and uses Yildiz to accomplish her goal. However, Yildiz plays smart and ends up marrying Khalid.

This incident sets the base of a never-ending feud between Aliya and Yildiz. In the meantime, Yildiz’s sister Zainab also gets greatly affected while she falls in love with Aalihan who is her boss, and a partner of Khalid. The story takes interesting twists and turns revealing the evil strategies of the characters one after the other.

If you want to watch a Turkish show that doesn’t let you lose your interest, Shajar-e-Mamnu is one of the perfect choices.

How To Watch Shajar-e-Mamnu In Urdu?

If you want to watch Shajar-e-Mamnu in Urdu, we have got you covered with a direct link to the YouTube channel. You can simply click the link below to start watching the show right from the first episode.

Shajar-e-Mamnu First Episode 

Cast Details

  • Eda Ece
  • Sevda Erginci
  • Talat Bulut
  • Sevval Sam
  • Oner Tuna
  • Safak Pakdemir
  • Baris Aytac
  • Aysegul Cinar
  • Baris Kilic
  • Nesrin Cavadzade

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