Schools are without students in classrooms in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Monitoring Desk: Some schools are open in Srinagar Kashmir (read as Indian Occupied Kashmir) but without students in classrooms because there is nothing normal in Valley and dreadful environment rules the society.


This was observed by a group of civil society activists who were not allowed to enter Srinagar by police but managed to reach the city taking the advantage of the dark velvet of night.

Group believes that despite installing army soldiers almost every corner of the city, nothing is under control of New Delhi and Kashmir (read as Indian Occupied Kashmir) is no more controllable for India because Kashmiris in IoK have out rightly refused and denied subjugation of Indian government.

Group which released an audio messages stated that six activists managed to enter Srinagar against the direction of Police.

They stated that they were not allowed to take photos of empty classrooms of a school they visited.

Schools are without students in classrooms in Indian Occupied Kashmir
Schools are without students in classrooms in Indian Occupied Kashmir

In an audio message released from Magsasay Award winner peace activist, Dr. Sandeep Pandey, who was leading the “Kashmir Yatra”, he explained that Kashmir Solidarity March (Kashmir Yatra) started from Jammu on 26th November but was forcefully stopped from entering the valley at Ramban, in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Listen Audio of Dr. Sandeep Pandey

But late night on the 29th Nov, (yesterday) they managed to reach Srinagar, by road where not they are meeting local people from different walks of life.

Sandeep’s description about the current enslaved and under siege situation that every human is facing in Kashmir should make every Indian think about the brutality of the situation existing.

Background of interviews with people confirmed that BJP has surely destroyed ordinary lives in Jammu & Kashmir and has alienated the people forever who are caged in the valley.

Dr. Sandeep Pandey in his audio message stated that nobody can talk about abrogation of Article 370 because he or she would be arrested irrespective of their age and gender and would allow normal life after signing a bond that would never talk about situation in Kashmir (Read as Indian Occupied Kashmir) in future.

He believes that his Yatris and their mission will expose the lies attempted in India and world about the resistance and democratic movement in Kashmir.

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