Sajal Ali Quarantine | What is she doing during self-isolation ?

Sajal Ali Quarantine: How Is She Spending Self-Isolation Days!

The lockdown is still under effect following the coronavirus situation in Pakistan and all over the world and everyone is practicing social distancing by staying at home. Likewise, our celebrities are also having a great time after a good long busy time with their family and they are trying to make it productive in all aspects. You would be amazed that Sajal Ali quarantine has helped her make a big decision in her life. We know that the beautiful actress tied the knot with Ahad Raza Mir at the beginning of the turmoil caused by coronavirus across the country. This fanciful couple organized their wedding ceremony in Abu Dhabi in which very few guests including close friends and family were invited. This wedding gained so much hype and everyone was in the awe of Sajal’s beauty as well as Ahad’s grace as a groom.


After some time of this event, the coronavirus situation started to get worse so it was instructed to everyone to stay at home in order to keep the health safe. So Sajal and Ahad have been having a great time together with family at home and Sajal is flying up high in her new home having new people to love her most.

Sajal And Ahad Quarantine together

sajal ali quarantine with ahad raza mir

During these self-isolation days, Sajal keeps on sharing her awesome wedding clicks and some of the best moments she is having at home with Ahad and other family members.  Ahad is all in love with Sajal’s enchanting wedding photos while Sajal also expressed her affection for the husband on his Instagram wedding picture.

Sharing these wonderful memories from their wedding, Ahad captioned it as, “I wish I could go back to this day!” whereas Sajal wrote with her pictures, “Be thankful for every moment. Life is a blessing!”

Moreover, Sajal Ali shared an attractive click of herself dolled up in beautiful shimmery Sarhi and named the feel of being in Abu Dhabi as “Bliss”. The next click had her sweetest smile capturing hundreds and thousands of glances in every second with the caption “Blessed” which was obvious from her serene expressions.

Apart from wedding clicks, Sajal also took a memorable picture to her Instagram with Ahad Raza Mir and his younger brother Adnan Raza Mir having face masks on and a strong message for the fans to stay home and take all precautionary measure to beat COVID-19.

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