Royal Academy School Ajman Fees: Complete Information

UAEAjmanRoyal Academy School Ajman Fees: Complete Information

Royal Academy Ajman Review: UAE's Premier School

Royal Academy Ajman, a renowned educational institution, is committed to delivering top-notch education to students. As parents play a crucial role in planning their child’s education, understanding the fees associated with Royal Academy School is essential. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the prices and payment details, ensuring transparency and enabling parents to make informed decisions about their child’s educational journey. By addressing the financial aspect, Royal Academy Ajman aims to foster trust and build a strong partnership with parents, emphasizing its dedication to quality education and parental satisfaction.



I. Introduction
II. Fee Structure
III. Expenses Not Included in School Tuition Fees
IV. Instalment Schedule
V. Tuition Fee Discounts and Scholarship Program
VI. Additional Fees
VII. Non-Payment of Fees and Consequences
VIII. Tuition Refund Policy
IX. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
X. Conclusion

Fee Structure

  • Pre-KG Normal Day: AED 24,000
  • Pre-KG Extended Day: AED 27,000
  • KG 1: AED 32,000
  • KG 2: AED 35,000
  • Grade 1 to Grade 3: AED 35,000
  • Grade 4 to Grade 6: AED 44,900
  • Grade 7 to Grade 9: AED 54,800
  • Grade 10 and Grade 11: AED 57,000
  • Grade 12: AED 66,350

Expenses Not Included in School Tuition Fees


Apart from tuition fees, parents should consider additional costs, including school breakfast and lunch (catering), school transportation, school uniforms, after-school activities, and school trips.

Royal Academy School Ajman fees

Instalment Schedule

Fees can be paid in four instalments. Advance payment is necessary before term cheques for each academic term. Payment can be made in cash, online, by cheque, or through wire transfer.

Tuition Fee Discounts and Scholarship Program

Outstanding students applying to Grades 4 – Grade 12 may be eligible for a tuition fee discount. The discount applies to the tuition fee only. New students applying to Ajman Academy can use values based on terms and conditions.

Additional Fees

An admission fee of AED 500 is applicable for each applicant. This fee is deducted from the school fees later. Advance payment of AED 5,000 is necessary after the acceptance by the school.

Transportation Fee

Inside Ajman, the transportation fee is AED 5,000 per academic year, while outside Ajman, it is AED 6,000.

Non-Payment of Fees


Failure to pay school fees may result in losing the student’s place, withholding school reports, transfer certificates, examination results, or temporary suspension from school.

Tuition Refund Policy

Students withdrawing from the school must provide written notification with 30 days’ notice. The refund policy follows the Ministry of Education Bylaws for Private Education. The refund amount depends on the duration of attendance within each term.

Royal Academy School Ajman fees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Are school meals included in the tuition fees?

A1: No, they are not part of the tuition fees.

Q2: Can fees be paid through credit cards?

A2: Yes, you can use credit cards to pay the fee.

Q3: What happens if a school fee cheque bounces?

A3: A fine of AED 500 is applicable for each cheque that bounces due to insufficient funds or a closed bank account.

Q4: Is the admission fee refundable?

A4: The admission fee of AED 500 is non-refundable in case the student does not join the school.

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Planning your child’s education at Royal Academy School Ajman is easier when you clearly understand the fees and payment procedures. Consider the fee structure, additional expenses, payment methods, and refund policies. Make informed decisions to provide your child with quality education. Contact Royal Academy School Ajman for fees, payment options, and enrollment procedures. Secure your child’s place and provide them with an excellent educational experience.

Royal Academy School Ajman fees

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