5 Best Schools in Ajman, UAE – 2023 Ratings and Fees

UAEAjman5 Best Schools in Ajman, UAE - 2023 Ratings and Fees


Top Schools in Ajman,


Top-Rated Schools in Ajman
Ranking Methodology
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Education is the cornerstone of personal and societal growth, forming the foundation of a prosperous future. The Emirate of Ajman, nestled in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, has consistently prioritized quality education. This article aims to guide parents and students through the top schools in Ajman, offering a comprehensive look at each institution’s unique strengths, curriculum, and educational approach.


Top-Rated Schools in Ajman


1. The Royal Academy

The Royal Academy Ajman

As one of Ajman’s oldest and most prominent institutions, The Royal Academy proudly nurtures around 3000 students from 36 nationalities under the esteemed Indian CBSE curriculum. The school, sprawling over two acres, positions students at the core of its operations, fostering confident individuals with identified and amplified talents. Its international education standards, affordable pricing, and comprehensive facilities empower students with a holistic education, instilling character and practical knowledge application.


2. City Private School 

City Private School  Ajman

Following the CBSE curriculum, City Private School provides a nurturing environment for each student’s holistic development. The school significantly emphasizes teaching methods and interactions to ensure optimal student growth. It fosters a student-centric learning environment aligned with the UAE Vision 2023 to cultivate independent, globally-minded thinkers primed for a dynamic future.


3. Woodlem Park School

aWoodlem Park School

Woodley Park School centres its philosophy around the happiness and engagement of its students. The school encourages lifelong learning and creativity with a broad curriculum for students from KG1 to Grade 10. Its focus on individualized learning respects and enhances each student’s unique qualities and talents.


4. International Indian School Ajman

International Indian School Ajman

International Indian School in Ajman, established in 2002, perceives education as more than a means to an end. It underscores the value of schooling as an enriching life experience where students, parents, teachers, and management interact for mutual growth. The school fosters a learning community, drawing education from the natural, academic, social, and technological ecosystems encircling it.


5. Al Ameer English School

aInternational Indian School Ajman

Established in 1991, Al Ameer English School has become a distinguished educational institution in the UAE. With separate blocks for KG, Primary, and Secondary sections, the school provides a peaceful and conducive environment for growth. Its curriculum is structured by the CBSE Board, ensuring academic excellence across various subjects. The school’s commitment to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities complements its academic focus, providing a well-rounded education for its students.

Choosing the Right School

The ranking methodology for choosing the right schools has a meticulous design, incorporating several key factors. These include academic performance, faculty qualifications, student-teacher ratio, extra-curricular activities, and parental feedback. Each school’s ranking reflects its commitment to providing students with a comprehensive, high-quality education.


What is the student-teacher ratio in these top schools?

The student-teacher ratios vary but generally align with global standards to ensure personalized attention.

Do these schools offer any special programs or activities?

Yes, these schools offer a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for holistic development.

How do these schools accommodate students from different nationalities?

These schools foster an inclusive environment that respects and values cultural diversity.

What initiatives do these schools take to foster a safe and inclusive environment?

Schools implement strict anti-bullying policies, celebrate cultural diversity, and provide support services.

Do these schools offer counselling or support services for students?

All top schools have dedicated counselling services to support students’ mental and emotional well-being.


Choosing the right school is a significant decision that can shape a child’s future. The top schools in Ajman, each with its unique approach to education, offer a wide range of choices for parents and students. By understanding the strengths and curricula of these schools, parents can make an informed decision, ensuring the best fit for their child’s needs and aspirations.

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