Riding and safety tips for the Honda CG125

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The Honda CG125 is undoubtedly Pakistan’s most famous motorbike. Whether you love or hate it, you cannot deny the performance this motorbike packs. Sure, there has been no change in design for the past 40 years, yet no one has even come close to replicating that classic “Honda sound”. With all that power under the tank, it can be a little tricky to handle CG125. Today we talk about riding and safety tips for the Honda CG125.

Riding and safety tips for the Honda CG125

Quick Overview

The engine used in CG125 is a four-stroke OVH air-cooled type. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 11.00 horsepower @ 8500 RPM and a maximum torque of 9.00 Nm @ 7500 RPM. The fuel economy of the Honda CG 125 ranges between 35-40 kilometres per litre. The tank capacity is 9.2 litres, with 2 litres in reserve.


Riding and safety tips for the Honda CG125

Riding tips

One thing specific regarding the Honda CG125 is its boost-like acceleration. Honda CG125 accelerates fast, and that can be a little tricky. It’s always best to turn the throttle slightly and uniformly. Throttling hard on a lower gear can cause your front tire to lift in a wheelie which can be very dangerous, especially on busy roads. This is because Honda CG125 has a lighter body for an 11-horsepower engine.

A good practice while riding is to not shift between gears too often. This hinders a smooth ride and wears out the clutch plates before they are supposed to. Keep your motorbike in the same gear (preferably third gear) and only shift when necessary. This also helps regulate fuel economy.

Riding a motorbike is not that complicated. Riding a motorbike safely is the real challenge. Not only do you have to ride cautiously, but you also have to be extremely mindful of your surroundings. Always be aware of what’s happening around you. Remember, vigilance is the price of safety.

Safety Tips

Motorcycle accidents often happen because the drivers of more significant automobiles (cars, jeeps, trucks) fail to notice the motorcycle rider. Make yourself prominent as a precaution against an accident by doing the following:

    • I cannot stress this enough but ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.
    • Do not remove the side mirrors from your bike. They will only make riding more accessible and safer for you.
    • Keep away from blind spots so that other drivers can see you from a distance.
    • Avoid riding along parallel lanes skirting the road.
    • Do not switch lanes without using the indicator first.
    • While riding, keep both hands firmly on the handlebar and feet on the footrests.
    • Do not overtake from the wrong or left side.
    • Stop and have a sharp look around before you enter the main road.
    • Dress in gaudy & brightly shining clothes. Best to use a reflector strip at night times.
    • Do not use mobile phones while riding.

Final Thoughts

While people always argue about a motorbike’s safety, it no denies it’s always fun to ride one. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect balance between. Always wear a helmet, no matter what you do or how little you travel. It’s understandable why it’s called a death trap, but at the same time, there is a thrill like it—cominghonda 125 safety from a guy whose life was saved by one.



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