Reasons to Check PTA IMEI DIRBS Registration

Looking back at the time there were so numerous problems. Problems faced by the individual. There was no practical check of mobile proof all over the country. So many mobile phones several thousand were brought into the country. PTA IMEI works for safety and authenticity.


But without any authenticity and verification. Well, the Pakistan telecommunication authority stepped right into this problem.

It then became essential to have all the records of mobiles. In the form of an online database.

Reasons to check PTA IMEI:

  • When buying a new phone you must check the PTA IMEI number on PTA DIRBS
  • While purchasing an imported phone you must check the IMEI number.
  • If you have a phone that you haven’t used in a long time you should check your IMEI number.

There are a variety of grounds to check. Back in 2019 After 15th January 2019. “GSMA Valid Not PTA registered”. PTA IMEI saw on the Pakistani mobile network. For the first time, it was supposed to be registered within the purchase of 60 days. Otherwise or else all such devices will be blocked.
It is also meaningful to mention that. Through the system of device verification. Telecom customers can verify the authenticity of their mobile devices.

How to check mobile IMEI:

For the roster of the derite the PTA IMEI of your mobile and send it to 8484.

One can use 3 ways to register mobile and GSM devices.

1. Via SMS
2. Via an application
3. Via website

1. Verification Via SIM:

Send the IMEI of the mobile to 8484.

2. Verification via App:

The app device verification system is available on the play store. Google, you can check the status PTA IMEI from there. Instructions that make sure the IMEI on the phone is the screen is the same as printed on the product.

3. Verification via the website:

log on to https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk/ to check the status:Reasons to check PTA DIRBS:


About the DIRBS and Background:

It is a Solution to overcome the problem of smuggled Mobile phones in Pakistan.
The Telecom policy of 2015. Pakistan telecommunication authority developed. A Developed Identification Registration Blocking system DIRBS. Following policies can be achieved by it:
1. Elimination of all fraud, non-standard, exact identity( IMEI ) devices from the networks
2. Support FBR

Public notification:

All the devices along with non-compliant. Having a SIM and IMEI functionality, that’s active on the Pakistani mobile network. Active on mobile networks till the 15th of January 2019. It will remain operational without service interruption. The mobiles are paired with the user’s mobile numbers.

In order to check the status of your mobile. You have to dial *#06#. After receiving 15 digit IMEI number. Send IMEI number via SMS to shortcode 8484.

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