Public Backlashes Dumb Female Characters in Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani DramaPublic Backlashes Dumb Female Characters in Pakistani Dramas

Female characters in Pakistani drama

There was a time when Pakistani dramas were appraised by a wider audience in Pakistan and internationally. They touched on social subjects that needed public representation. But, the makers are out of ideas now. Pakistani women were inspired by strong female characters who uplifted their courage. But, now, the viewers are unhappy about dumb female characters in Pakistani dramas.

Dumb Female Characters in Pakistani Dramas

Nowadays, the purpose of trending Pakistani dramas is reduced to attracting viewership and TRPs rather than educating the people and bringing social change. The amount of negativity is too high and female characters are nothing but dumb. The sad thing is that despite this dumbness and negativity, people are really liking these dramas.

Let’s take a look at some of the dumb female characters in Pakistani Dramas

Maheer from Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha

Dumb Female Characters in Pakistani dramas

Maheer from Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha drama has to be the queen of the dumbest female characters in Pakistani dramas. From the very beginning, the makers tried to portray her as a naive middle-class girl. However, she is nothing but selfish, irritating, a betrayer, and mindless.

Maheer is the lead female character in Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha drama. Hania Aamir is playing this role. Till the start of this drama, Maheer is continuously neglecting the true love of Saad by turning a blind eye to him. On the other hand, she could not stop herself from wailing at the loss of her short-span love, Areeb. She is living in her own selfish bubble where no one else matters except for her own feelings for Areeb.

She is blind towards Saad’s love even after getting married to him. He loves her unconditionally and he is even sent to jail because of her. But, all she cares about is Abeer who is lying in the hospital. She is always crying and bringing harm to the dignity of her family. But, she cares about none. Viewers are not happy because this character is setting mindless fantasies for young girls.

Safiya Beghum in Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha

Dumb Female Characters in Pakistani dramas

Safiya Beghum is the mother of Maheer in Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha. She is a materialistic woman who only falls for the wealth of Areeb. Safiya thinks Areeb is the best for her because he has the money which Saad does not. She is an insecure woman who is a victim of an inferiority complex.

Just like her daughter, she is also blind to the qualities of Saad who has been brought up in front of her. She prefers a man for her daughter whom she does not know and whose mother hurls insults at their family. Her character is setting the worst kind of standards for mothers.

Meerab from Tere Bin

Meerab in Tere Bin drama

Meerab from Tere Bin Drama is one of the dumbest female characters in Pakistani dramas. Maybe, the purpose of creating the character of Meerab in Tere Bin drama was to show women empowerment. Despite its actual aim, it is showing the vulnerability of women to be dumb, stubborn and mindless. During every situation, when the viewers expect her to behave mindfully, she does the opposite.

Rather than being a courageous, brave, intellectual, and empowered woman, she is only stupid when it comes to making the right decision. Only because of her stubbornness, she is bringing disgrace to everyone. She does completely opposite of what she is told to do.

Through the series of events, she has been committing stupid mistakes one after another in order to show how smart she is. But, she is far away from being smart. Even after doing all the mistakes, she does not learn from them and continues to make more mistakes. Let’s count the major ones.

Firstly, Murtasim asked her to stay in the car but she ran towards Malik Zubair’s farms. She ended up getting kidnapped. Secondly, she emptied the gun of Murtasim when he went to Malik Zubair’s house. He hardly escaped death all because of Meerab. Thirdly, she went to the flat of her class fellow, Rohail alone by believing in his love and not of Murtasim. Lastly, the biggest mistake she has done is to help Maryam elope with her lover, Anas, who is actually their enemy, Malik Zubair. Despite the selfless love of Murtasim, her husband, she is stubborn enough to negate everything he says and continue with her trust issues towards him.

Haya from Tere Bin Drama

Dumb Female Characters in Pakistani dramas

Haya is, currently, the most hated character in Pakistani dramas. She is portrayed as a dumb young girl whose only purpose in life is love. Haya is an orphan girl who lives at her aunt’s house. She has always loved her son, Murtasim. But, things took an extreme turn for her when Murtasim got married to Meerab. She was filled with rage and revenge.

Haya did everything to pull Meerab’s leg and degrade her in front of Murtasim. She even starts black magic only for the sake of her love. She is selfish and only cares about herself. Haya is not thankful towards any good that Murtasim’s family has done for her. In her enmity towards Meerab, she lets Maryam elope with their enemy because she wanted to degrade Meerab in front of her Murtasim.

Maryam from Tere Bin Drama

Dumb Female Characters in Pakistani dramas

Maryam from Tere Bin drama is one the dumbest female characters in Pakistani dramas. She is not how young girls should be. In the beginning, she was seen as a sensible girl who loves to study. But turns out that she did not go to college to study but meet her lover, Anas. Within a short period of time, she falls in love with Anas about whom she does not know anything.

She falls madly in love with her lover and she is ready to compromise the respect of her family. Maryam instigates Meerab to help her marry Anas. She even doubts the sincerity of her brother towards her. After all the failed attempts, she is stubborn to elope with Anas. After elopement, she realizes that Anas is actually Malik Zubair, her brother’s enemy. When she realizes, it is too late.


These female characters in Pakistani dramas are setting false trends for the viewers. The irony of these dramas is that the more stupidity they show, the more rating they are getting. It is vital for the drama makers to start making some serious female characters. To make the best Pakistani dramas, the makers should consider portraying serious social issues.

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