PTCL Speed Test – Do you know your actual Bandwidth?


The PTCL speed test is crucial if you are an aggressive streamer or a gamer. It allows you to know what your bandwidth it and the other nitty-gritty of your internet speed, so you can make an informed choice while using the internet. Let’s just concur that is isn’t only important but is an integral part of your everyday internet usage because you at least get an answer as to why your videos load with a snail place.

You can click here to test your speed!The PTCL internet speed test is crucial if you are an aggressive streamer or a gamer. It allows you to know what your bandwidth it

Why Is PTCL Internet Speed Test Important?

Even though I have already mentioned it above, speed test lets you know the speed your internet service provider is allowing your browser. If you have constant usage of downloads, uploads, or even gaming, the speed test allows to you look at the benefits of the package you have and if you need to upgrade or downgrade it.

However, there is one important thing you need to know about your PTCL internet connection and the associated speed tests.

Difference Between Local And International Bandwidth

The PTCL internet speed test is crucial if you are an aggressive streamer or a gamer. It allows you to know what your bandwidth it

If you do speed tests regularly or even occasionally, there is one thing you must know. Most of the people did not know that when you do your PTCL internet speed test or with any other Internet Service Provider, you get promised bandwidth and speed on the local connection. It means the MBs you get when you perform the speed test is apt and as per the package you opted out for.

On the other hand, when you do a speed test on an international server, it won’t be the same. It will almost be the half of what you get on the local server otherwise. You share your connection with others for international traffic.

How Do You Know What’s The Actual Speed?

The Internet has a flood of information and we all are ever ready to get drenched in it. However, every user is connected to a different connection, which means that they all will have different speeds. If you have a low speed, this means that you will be majorly bummed when you are looking to download or upload something. This is where the internet speed test comes in. Why Is Internet Speed Test Important? Depending on the package you have chosen from your ISP, you get a different bandwidth, upload speed, and download speed. Based on your package, you will be able to perform these functions on the internet at a varying degree of fastness or slowness. This is why the internet speed test is important. It allows you to check the parameters of how you are using the internet. This mechanism of getting to know what speed is reaching you is called the internet speed test. Nayatel Speed Test Nayatel is one of the leading names in the fiber to the home internet provider. It is available in the major cities of Pakistan since 2002. What initially started as a DSL service has now turned into FTTH (Fiber to the home) service as well.  With this cutting-edge fiber technology, the users get access to fast speed internet like no other. The quality and the speed of the Nayatel fiber internet is exceptional. This is why the company provides its users with its speed test service. You can easily check your download, upload, and total broadband speed to make sure you know your ping, jitter, and latency figures. This will give you an idea of what the Nayatel package will be suitable for you to opt for. What Effects Internet Speed? Since getting the internet means there will be wired and wireless connections, there are various factors that can affect the speed of the internet even when you have a strong package. The damaged fiber or copper cable, extreme weather conditions, the presence of high voltage cables near your internet cable, etc. When you do a speed test, you can find out the problems with your internet and get in touch with the Nayatel representative to discuss the issues that might be causing the discrepancy in the service.

Since we have told you the biggest gimmick performed by the local ISP industry, you might ask how can I know the actual speed by conducting the right internet speed test? For this, you need to do a speed test on any other server except the local ISP server you are using. Just pick a server hosted by any other country of the world and you will be good to go.


You can click here to test your speed!

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