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The significance of the speed test is unmatchable for those who are frequent users of the internet, which we all are some way or the other. However, if you stream like your life depends on it or are a pro-gamer, a little hiccup in the internet connection can be a big bummer. It isn’t always a bad connection that kills the vibe. Sometimes it is your package that needs up-gradation, but you are unaware of it. This is where the PTCL Speed Test comes into action. When you know your internet figures, life becomes a lot easier and convenient for you.

Importance Of PTCL Speed Test

PTCL Speed Test

Although I have already told you enough, with the speed test you can know the exact speed your internet service provider is dispatching to the browser. You can know the right figures that will help you make an informed choice about whether to stick with the ISP you have, change to another one, or upgrade to a package that fulfills your data needs.

If you are a gamer or binge-watcher, the upload, download, and streaming speed allows you to know about what you are getting down to the hilt. When you can get real-time data within a matter of seconds, why won’t you do a speed test?

Local & International Bandwidths

The PTCL Speed Test is an effective way for you to check your broadband speed to see if you are getting the desired results. It helps you see if you have an efficient internet package or if you have to upgrade or get yourself a new one. A speed test solves many issues and problems for you, but we know that it is difficult for many people to understand the purpose of it. Let’s discuss speed test and the various aspects of it you should be aware of: How Does Speed Test Measure Network Speed? This is the one question that bugs everyone. How does a speed test actually measure the network speed of your broadband connection? The speed test is mainly dependent on the TCP testing with an HTTP fallback for maximum compatibility. If this is jargon, what you need to know is that with the help of these, the speed test you do measures your ping, latency, download, and upload speed. Latency or Jitter is measured by the time it takes for the server to reply to the request sent by the user. The test is repeated multiple times and the lowest value is what you see as the final result. For download and upload speed, your internet connection client establishes multiple connections with the server to get the initial chunk of data. Based on that, the real-time upload and download speed is calculated. Changing The Speed Test Server Most of the people wonder if changing the speed test server will change their results. This means that if you want to get the PTCL Speed Test done, but you use a different test client to run the test. The answer, very simply, to this question is yes. For your online activities and test results, you can indeed check with other servers. Your ISP controls the path data travels to, which is also called routing. With other servers, you will be able to see the speed results too. Sometimes, they are more effective in giving you the right figures when compared to your local or native server results. Your PC Can Affect Your Bandwidth Too! Most of the time, if the internet connection is not stable, the users blame their ISP or broadband connection for it. What you also need to know is that your internet connection speed can also easily be affected by add-on programs, spyware, virus, the memory of your computer or connected device, hard disk space & condition, and the other programs running in your PC that might affect the credibility of the speed. Various computer viruses also result in poor internet performance. Hence, it isn’t always your ISP responsible for the ineffective speed test result you get. You also have to be aware of issues with your PC that might be causing it.

If you are new to the speed test world, this might be the question that would have come in discussions and searches on the web. But there is nothing to get confused over. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a PTCL Speed Test or have any other ISP server, you almost always get the bandwidth and the speed promised by the local connection. You get the MBs as per your package and the speed test ranks the speed figures according to it too.

When you do a speed test on an international server, the figures and data aren’t the same. More often than not, you get half the results of what you get on your local. You share your connection traffic in an international server, hence the results. Therefore, it is significant that you run the tests on both.

Then What’s The Right Result?

In this fast moving era, it is quite unfortunate to have a bad speed internet. It happens that the packages defined by internet service providers are actually not the same as claimed. In the past, it was nearly impossible to check actual internet speed but now it is absolutely possible. You can now easily check your internet speed online via PTCL Speed Test.  How to test internet speed? You must be having need to confirm about the actual speed of your internet. Well... that's not a big deal now. It is literally just a click away. Follow these easy steps and get authentic details for your internet speed via PTCL Speed Test: Visit PTCL Speed Test website and you will see a button "START" at the top of the web page. Push that button and wait for a few seconds. A user-friendly report will be formed and display to you which will show you about the downloading and uploading speed of PTCL with a graphical presentation. The speed will measure in Kilo-bits per second or Megabits. Understand your speed test results Now that you have got the results from internet speed test, it needs you to understand what does that data actually mean. The speed test run would be giving you details about overall performance of internet as well as of ping and jitter. So, in order to understand results, first you should know about ping and jitter speed.  Ping Ping is basically a measure of the reaction time of your connection. It tells us how quickly we receive a response when a request is made. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms) and the lower the ping number, the faster would be your connection. Ping is important during real-time application use like video streaming or online gaming. Jitter Jitter is the variation between response times. Good connections have a reliable and consistent response time, which is represented as a lower jitter score. The higher the jitter score, the more inconsistent connection response times are. It means it will demonstrate choppy voice calls or distorted looking video quality. Now you can have better idea about how is your internet service performing to facilitate you. PTCL Speed Test will verify the download speed as well as upload speed including network latency. It will help you find the best package as per your requirement while checking its accordance with claims. Check your internet speed now by clicking here. How you can fix your internet speed? If you want to fix your internet speed to avoid any interruption in your online work, follow these easy steps: Check with your internet service provider, if the service is as per the claims made in their packages or not. Get it fixed in case if it is not up to the par.  Go with troubleshooting your internet connection. Poor internet speed can be due to multiple issues like a poor router, router placement, or other problems. It is mandatory to know how many users are using one internet connection. Make sure to limit the number of users for better speed.  It is better to spend on the best than to get into any trouble later on. Having said that means you must invest in high-end dual band router for best internet speed. Stay attentive regarding the location of your router in your house or office. It can also affect the internet speed. 

Now that the difference between local and international bandwidth is out of the way, you might ask which one is the right internet speed test. The answer to it is very simple and the one you should follow always. You must do your speed test on a different server than the local ISP server you have. The internet is full of multiple international speed test forums, so that should not be a big deal. Pick any international server and perform your speed test as per it. Ditch your local ISP one. You will find the right answer.

Just a pro tip. When you are doing the speed test, make sure your broadband is connected to only one device, since multiple connections can cause hindrance in the right results. It is always better to have one direct connection.


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