Photo Exhibition depicting Indian atrocities in Kashmir held in Rawalpindi

  • Mushaal can’t control emotion after watching pictures of Kashmiris
  • India naked state terrorism couldn’t deter Kashmiri freedom fighters
  • Kashmiris to continue liberation struggle till breaking shackles of Indian slavery

By Hamid Khan Wazir

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the wife of Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik and the Chairperson Peace and Culture Organization, couldn’t control her emotions after watching pictures in a photo exhibition in the Rawalpindi Art Council, depicting the atrocities of Indian brutal forces in Occupied Kashmir.

The photo exhibition was organized in connection with the Right to Self-Determination Day observed on Tuesday by Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC) and the world with the pledge to continue their just struggle till breaking the shackles of Indian slavery.

It was on January 5, 1949 when the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution supporting the Kashmiris’ right to decide their future by themselves through an UN-sponsored plebiscite.

While speaking at the exhibition, Mushaal Mullick blasted the bloodthirsty occupational troopers who she said unleashed a wave of naked state terrorism and barbarism to deter the Kashmiri freedom fighters.

However, she vowed that the fascist Narendra Modi government could cross all limits of brutalities, but they could not dampen the courage of the Kashmiris people.

Mushaal said that her daughter Razai Sultana was crying for her father after watching his pictures, who she said, couldn’t meet her father for long. She said that Razai Sultana was looking for her father who is in Indian detention along with other senior Kashmiri leadership.

The Chairperson Peace and Culture Organization said that Indian forces are committing genocide of Kashmiri youth to quell the freedom movement; however, she vowed that the dream of the right to self-determination would come true soon.

Mushaal Mullick made it clear that the brave Kashmiris would continue their liberation struggle till it reaches its ultimate goal of the right to self-determination.

The Hurriyat leader reminded the UN that it must implement its relevant resolutions to settle the Kashmir dispute to save the Kashmiris from the Indian brutalities.

The Chairperson further said that the occupying forces used unbridled force and made the life for the dwellers of the scenic valley a hell to silence their voices.

“Indian barbarism has been going on for more than 70 years in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and everyday killings are a testimony of this barbarity in the territory,” she remarked.

Mushaal said that Indian inhuman forces have broken all records of committing brutalities and excesses on people in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) but unfortunately, the world powers seemingly preferred economic over human lives; hence they observed complete silence over the massacre of Kashmiris.

However, she remarked that everyday killings have failed to make the Kashmiris relent in their pursuit of freedom and India will never succeed to subdue the freedom sentiment of the Kashmiri people by resorting to the killing spree in IIOJK.

Mushaal said that Kashmiris want justice and the world must support them in breaking the shackles of Indian slavery. She demanded that the UN must implement its resolutions on Kashmir that guaranteed the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.