Pakistan’s Ice Epidemic Is Not Due to Global Warming


The drug epidemic around the globe is not news anymore. According to sources, around 685 people lose their lives to drugs every day. It is not clear from the data about the type of drugs which cause the most deaths but it is very clear that hard drugs especially methamphetamines have a huge role in the total drug-related mortality rate.

Pakistan has also been no stranger to the epidemic of drugs. The storm which started with relatively innocent drugs like weed and hashish have now graduated to fatal ones such as cocaine and heroin, especially among the elite party circles which have almost become a fashion statement.

Amidst this party culture, a new drug has taken root in the youth of the country. The drug is known as Ice or Crystal and is destroying thousands of lives in the country. In this article, we will be explaining the dangers of Ice, what it is actually and its impacts on the human brain.

What actually is ICE?

ICE is actually a slang term for the drug which is more popularly known as crystal meth. It is a chemical which directly targets the neurological centers of the brain. It is highly addictive and according to experts more addictive than heroin and cocaine.

Crystal meth insinuates the nervous system and creates a rush of energy in the brain. There is a huge dopamine release which gives a feeling of pleasure. There is also a sense of well-being and people usually feel abnormally sharp and fast during the high. Since the energy given by the drug is so much, the people using this drug come to think of themselves as invincible which makes this drug even more dangerous because it leads to thrilling activities including crime.

What are some tell-tale signs of Ice usage?

People who are using crystal meth cannot hide it for a long time since the signs of the drug-usage are very common. There are some behavioral changes which are specifically related to the high of ICE. One of the main signs is the abnormal alertness along with paranoia and hallucinations. Irritation and mood swings are also very common along with shortness of breath during the outbursts of anger. Reduced appetite and extreme weight loss are also signs of addiction. Along with all these signs, there is a total change of persona for people who are addicted to crystal meth. They totally become another person and their families suffer a lot because of this.

What to do about it?

If you see a loved one who is depicting major personality changes and is losing weight quickly, you should talk to them about getting into a rehab facility. It can be difficult to get people to admit to addiction but it is a pursuit for their life and is worth having a heated argument over.


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