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You need to follow these Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram right away. The social media has become a significant source of entertainment for people around the world and it is grabbing the focus of the users so rapidly with every passing day that no one can stop this fever now. Among all of the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram have been rocking with the best of the entertainment stuff for everyone.

You need to follow these Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram right away. The social media has become a significant source of entertainment for people around the world and it is grabbing the focus of the users so rapidly with every passing day that no one can stop this fever now. Among all of the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram have been rocking with the best of the entertainment stuff for everyone.

Pakistani Artists are more active on Social Media


People share their pictures, videos and pictorial stories to keep in touch with their followers. Instagram is such a big thing that there are so many individuals who became celebrities only through it. Pakistani celebrities, however, are not just Instagram celebrities. They have worked hard to get where they are today. There was a debate some time back that whether the popularity of Instagram affects Pakistani celebrities’ careers or not. There are certain popular Pakistani celebrities on Instagram who were even accused of buying followers. People follow these celebrities on Instagram because they know that this is the only place where the celebrities themselves post their pictures. There was a time when it was so difficult for people to get access to their favourite celebrities’ pictures related to their real-life but now these celebrities happily share their pictures with their fans. So with all of this significance, the celebrities on Instagram have been enjoying a great number of followers which is just like a calculator for them these days to indicate who has the most fan following in the industry. The competition on Instagram is tough as there are so many talented celebrities who do not get the same kind of following on Instagram as they do in real life. It is difficult to understand why this is the case but it is true for some celebrities. Here is the list of the most followed Pakistani celebrities on Instagram.

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List of top Pakistani Influencers/Artists on Instagram

Mahira Khan – 5.3 Million

Mahira Khan is the ultimate superstar of the Pakistani showbiz industry. She has unprecedented fan following which shows from the number of fans she has on Instagram. Mahira Khan is one of those celebrities who weren’t even too active on Instagram a few years back. She is someone who doesn’t work extra hard to get people to follow her.

Mahira Khan has lately started posting more pictures on social media. She often waits for important events or milestones in her life and then shares it with her fans. Nowadays, whenever she is promoting her films, she is most active on social media. Mahira Khan makes sure that she posts pictures of all those people who are close to her on Instagram. She does not share family pictures though.

Aiman Khan – 5.1 Million


Aiman Khan is young especially when compared to other celebrities on the list but somehow people love Aiman. Aiman Khan has always been extremely generous while sharing her pictures on Instagram. This could be one of the reasons why people love to follow her. Aiman Khan is a star who enjoys such popularity at a young age which most stars can only dream of. If we look at Aiman Khan’s career it is not as vast as some of the other celebrities but when it comes to Instagram following she is close to the most popular Pakistani celebrity on Instagram, Mahira Khan.

She might be famous because of her innocent yet beautiful looks and that’s the reason people wait for her pictures. Whenever she posts pictures especially from a special occasion, it immediately goes viral. Aiman Khan admits that this fan following on Instagram has helped her with her career.

Mawra Hocane – 4.9 Million

Mawra Hocane has worked in different films and dramas. She is also significantly known for speaking her mind out on social media. She is one of the most followed Pakistani celebrities on Instagram. Her Instagram account is filled with beautiful pictures mostly of herself. She also puts her following to good use by advertising her business on it. Women love her for her dressing sense and girls find her cuteness adorable. She shares her fitness goals and exercising sessions, motivates her fans through some of the interesting posts and that’s the reason people stay in touch with her profile on Instagram.

Atif Aslam – 4.7 Million


Atif Aslam is an all-time favorite singer and needs no introduction or reason about why he has a huge fan following on Instagram. Atif Aslam’s voice and his songs made the people follow him on Instagram. They wanted to see more of their favorite singer which is why they started following him.

Atif Aslam is not as active on Instagram as some of the other celebrities on this list but he makes sure that he uses this platform to make all the important announcements. He often shares his love for his wife and some of his fine music pieces and such posts, in particular, engage the fans quite emotionally.

Ayeza Khan – 4.6 Million

Ayeza Khan is one of those Pakistani celebrities who are really well connected with their fans. Even after so many years of being part of the industry, Ayeza Khan makes sure that she goes out of her way to keep her Instagram active. Ayeza Khan’s Instagram page is creatively filled with beautiful pictures with her family. Ayeza Khan makes sure that she posts every little detail about her projects, the ones she is doing and those she is planning to work on.

She loves posting pictures from her photoshoots as well. She has the most happening Instagram account and it comes to no surprise that she is on 5th place in this list. Ayeza Khan also shared in several interviews that she reads all the comments and even though some of the hate comments hurt her she still feels her fans should have access to her page.

Sajal Aly – 4.5 Million

Sajal Aly is an amazingly talented and focused young actress. Sajal is known for her versatility more than anything else. She is another one of those celebrities who have never tried extra hard to get followers. She lets her work speak for itself. That is her biggest asset. Sajal Aly also keeps on posting pictures with her fiancé Ahad Raza Mir and his family now and then.

Minal Khan – 4.4 Million

Aiman Khan’s twin sister Minal Khan is a stunning young actress who has a solid fan following. People love her for her looks just as much as they do for her cute personality. Minal Khan has always been active on Instagram which is a big reason why people follow her.

When her sister Aiman Khan got married, Minal Khan very often was the one updating the followers about what was next to come. A number of times she also spoke for her sister when their pictures were circulated on social media without their permission.

Hina Altaf – 4.1 Million

Hina Altaf has gone through a lot of ups and downs in her career. After she opened up about her personal struggles in different shows, her popularity turned sky shooting. People loved her honesty and also felt for her because of everything she had been through. Hina Altaf is someone who speaks her mind which is why people find her Instagram account interesting.

Hina Altaf’s posts on Instagram are sometimes the most random ones. She doesn’t believe in looking all glammed up for all her pictures. Once she even posted a video in which she was without makeup to show her critics that she wasn’t just someone who looked pretty because of all the make-up.

Ali Zafar – 3.7 Million

Ali Zafar is known as the Rockstar for fans from all over the world and there is not even a single day when he lacked in the popularity. It is not only his versatility which has made him reach this leve of fame but also his dashing looks have a magnetic impact that keeps the fans engaged with his profiles on social media platforms. Ali Zafar’s Instagram account gives the perfect sneak peek into his life. Some of the pictures he shares also show his artistic side.

Iqra Aziz – 3.7 Million

Firstly it was the amazing acting skills and then the engagement plus marriage with Yasir Hussain which has made Iqra Aziz be in the news a lot in the recent past. She proved her determination in the field of acting and her engagement with Yasir Hussain was the talk of the town. Iqra Aziz also got a lot of hate from the people after Yasir Hussain’s public show of affection at the Lux Style Awards. There was also a time when Iqra Aziz restricted her Instagram settings so that people could not comment on her posts.

All that changed when the couple got married. People loved the way Iqra and Yasir showered each other with love and also sent out the message of a somewhat simple wedding. Iqra Aziz’s following on Instagram continues to grow.

So these are some of the all-time awesome celebrities who have been enjoying excellent fan following on Instagram and continuously growing in fame through this social media platform. Stay tuned to know more about these celebrities on their cool Instagram profiles.

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