Pakistan has over 7 million diabetic patients

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Diabetes is a chronic disease and globally around 415 million people are suffering from it with more than seven million people in Pakistan.


Dr. Tayyab Badshah, Consultant Endocrinologist Shifa International Hospital (SIH) informed that unfortunately half of its patients who die from it are under the age of 60 years.

Around 86,000 children suffer from type-1 diabetes every year, he observed adding that diabetes can badly affect the eyes, brain, heart, kidneys and legs, he told media here on Wednesday.

It is also one of the major causes of blindness and kidney failure, he added.

Dr. Tayyab said gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that few women suffered through it during pregnancy only. Around 18 percent expecting mothers develop this condition, making it one of the most common health problem during pregnancy.

He said among these patients it is a temporary disorder that usually disappears after child birth. Those mothers who do not suffer with gestational diabetes in first pregnancy are more likely to get this in their later pregnancies, he added.

Dr. Tayyab informed that a healthy breakfast full of fiber help to keep blood sugar balance and keep them complete their daily task smoothly.

On the other hand, quick meals like bread juice, etc increase level of blood sugar very quickly and may leave you energy less again before lunch, he said.

It is recommended to take bran wheat, fruits and vegetables which contain fibre with least calories, he said adding, fiber is equally valuable for patients with cardiac diseases.

Dr. Tayyab advised diabetic patients to adopt preventive measures rather than relying on medicine to avoid side effects and other serious health hazards.

He said frequent urination, feeling of severe thirst, weight loss, fatigue and weakness are common symptoms of diabetes.

Balanced diet, regular exercise, weight control, regular medication and proper blood glucose level tests are a few essential measures that help to get away from this disease and avoid health issues , he recommended.

Source: APP

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