Pakistan exposes India by sharing 131-page dossier about Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan has shared a 131-page dossier about Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Dossier cited reports prepared by 32 human rights watchdogs and 14 reports by Pakistan.


Addressing a press conference alongside National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf and Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, on Sunday, Foreign Minister said that Pakistan will share this dossier with the international community to expose the Indian government, that has deployed 900,000 soldiers in Kashmir to oppress the local populace.

He was of the view that the dossier is comprising of solid proof of extrajudicial killings through fake encounters and false flag operations by the Indian army in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Qureshi demanded of the International community, including the United Nations to fulfil obligations towards Kashmiris by playing their part to “end the Indian rule of tyranny and oppression”.

“We expect the United Nations to compel the Government of India to allow free access to Special Procedure Mandate Holders of UN Human Rights Council for independent investigations of human rights violations,” Qureshi said during the presser.

The dossier covers accounts of 3,432 cases of war crimes in which 1,178 troops have been found to be involved, including one major general, four inspectors general, seven deputy inspectors-general, five brigadiers, 31 colonels and 188 majors and captains.

The dossier said that “human rights violations reached epic proportions” after Narendra Modi-led BJP came to power. According to the document, since 1989 over 96,000 extra-judicial killings, around 162,000 cases of arbitrary arrests and torture, over 25,000 pellet gun injuries were recorded. Moreover, 11,250 women were raped, around 23,000 were widowed, while over 108,000 children were orphaned. The document also provided details of the 8,652 unmarked mass graves that have been identified in 89 villages of Kashmir.

Another key factor highlighted by Pakistan was the suspected use of chemical weapons by India against the Kashmiris. It pointed out that the bodies of 37 Kashmiris burnt alive by the Indian troops were completely beyond recognition. India has also been violating the international ban on the use of cluster ammunition, it said, adding that in July 2019, India deliberately targeted 14 villages along the Line of Control with cluster ammunition that caused four deaths and 14 injuries.

The dossier also shared the GPS coordinates of five ISIS training camps. It said one such camp was located in Gulmarg, three in Rajasthan, and one in Uttarakhand. “The latitudes and longitudes of these ISIS camps have been included in the dossier.”

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