Over three percent of Pakistan’s population suffering from Psoriasis: Expert

KARACHI, Pakistan: Over 125 million people worldwide including over three percent of Pakistan’s total population are affected by Psoriasis which is a chronic inflammatory skin disease.

These views were expressed by a Member of Pakistan Association of Dermatology and International Society of Dermatology (USA), Dr. Nadim Siddiqui while talking to media at Karachi Press Club on Tuesday.

The briefing was arranged for media by Pakistan Association of Dermatology (PAD) to mark World Psoriasis Day.

While discussing the signs and symptoms, Dr. Nadim said that inflamed scaly red skin regions are the most common symptoms in patients. The skin itches and causes severe pain to patient, he said.

Talking about the importance of Psoriasis awareness, Dr. Nadim said patients do not take skin diseases seriously as they think it is not life threatening. Such factors along others lead to more prevalence of skin problems, he added.

He said that awareness level of skin diseases like Psoriasis is very low despite the fact that its prevalence ranges from 20 to 50 per cent in developing countries.

Early, cardiovascular deaths have been reported in Psoriatic patients as compared to general population, he added.

He said that in some cases skin disease becomes a social stigma for the patients who feel that the society and medical fraternity undermine the impact of the disease on their lives.

He said that patients often become reclusive and develop mental health problems and in some severe cases, patients have even thought about suicide.

Source: APP