Online Vehicle Verification – Steps for Vehicle Registration

Cars in PakistanOnline Vehicle Verification - Steps for Vehicle Registration

Check out the details about the online vehicle verification system in Sindh.

Vehicle verification is of vital importance and is an essential part of the vehicle buying process. Formerly, the local public had to pay several visits to the regional excise and taxation office. However, the recent reforms have turned the scenario into a different shape. Vehicle documents in Sindh can now be easily verified through an online vehicle verification portal.

Online Vehicle Verification – MTMIS Sindh


The Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) Karachi has played a significant role in officiating the online verification of vehicles. With the help of this online system, you can get a clear image of legal documentation while making purchases for a used car.

Online vehicle verification will help to enhance the credibility status of vehicles checking in Sindh. The online portal receives data from state authorities to ensure accurate information delivery.

MTMIS Sindh Database Resources

MTMIS Sindh is linked to Excise and Taxation, Karachi. The online portal integrates relevant information about used vehicles on the portal. Users can check the complete legal history of a car’s documentation and paperwork.

In addition, MTMIS Sindh also receives information from the Motor Registration Authority Karachi. Both the state departments deal with the records and history of vehicles in the province.

Steps to Follow During Online Vehicle Verification

We have gathered information about the steps you need to follow while using the MTMIS portal. Since the portal covers databases from all over the country, you will need to specify your region before looking up the information.

Online Vehicle Verification - Steps for Vehicle Registration

Here are the steps you need to follow to check the legal details of any vehicle.

  1. To save you the hassle, here is the link CLPC Sindh that you need to open.
  2. Choose the type of vehicle from the 2 options visible on the page (4-wheeler or 2-wheeler).
  3. Now, you will have to enter the registration number of the vehicle (E.g. LEA-2020)
  4. For security purposes, you will be required to submit a simple captcha code on the page.
  5. After submitting the captcha, click/tap on the “Send” button.

There is always a possibility for human errors. If you input any wrong piece of information, you can hit the “Reset” button to erase the entered information. After the information is removed, you can start adding the correct details and repeat the process.

List of the details you can find upon adding the correct data:

Once the MTMIS portal verifies the added data, you will be able to see a list of the following details about the vehicle.

  • Registration Number of Vehicle
  • Registration Date of Vehicle
  • Tax Payment Information
  • Engine Number
  • Owner’s ID (Name)
  • Class of Vehicle
  • Horse Power

The above-listed elements are sufficient to check the credibility and legal status of any vehicle in the country. You can also apply the same method for 2-wheeler vehicles like motorbikes. All you need to do is to select the vehicle type as “2-wheeler” and add the details.

We like to keep our readers up-to-date with all the latest news from the auto industry in Pakistan. For more updates and the latest news, keep checking in! For MTMIS Punjab, you can visit out page to get more info



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