Mushaal fears Yasin Malik could be tortured to death

  • Mushaal urges world to ensure her husband’s early release

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the wife of Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik, said that Indian fascist authorities used all brutal tactics to muzzle the voice of her husband who is the torch-bearer of Kashmiris freedom struggle.


She said that despite all failed attempts by occupation authorities either to buy his loyalty or to keep him silent, they put him in death cell for his crime not to compromise on Kashmiris right to self-determination.

Mushaal, who is also Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation, said in a statement on Tuesday that Yasin Malik was kept in the notorious Tihar Jail despite his fast deteriorating health condition.

She added that Malik currently is suffering from several ailments, including heart disease, kidney stones and a backache but he was deprived of much-needed medicines.
Mushaal lamented that the brutal authorities did not allow his family to meet him.

The Hurriyat leader feared that since he was incarcerated in fake and fabricated cases, he might be tortured to death because the fascist Indian government has nothing to prove him guilty despite using all state machinery.

Mushaal stated that a good number of Kashmiris freedom fighters have been martyred in custody. Therefore, she added that anything could be expected from these inhuman forces to put a dent into the freedom movement, which is entering into a decisive phase.

Mushaal further said that the Indian government reopened decades-old old cases against Yasin Malik in a bid to punish him for his peaceful but powerful struggle to break the shackles of Indian slavery.

Mushaal warned that if anything happened to him it could put regional peace at risk.
She demanded the UN bodies and human rights organizations to take notice of Yasin Malik’s health condition and ill-treatment by Indian occupation authorities.
She urged the world to ensure his early release as he is battling for life in jail.

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