Molped Pakistan Paving the Way for an Uninterrupted Life

Life gets disturbed for many women due to compromised personal hygiene, especially during menstruation days. It interrupts their routine activities as well as adversely affects their confidence, hindering them from leading a hygienic and comfortable life.


Molped has introduced Hygiene Shield in Pakistan which will enable women to live confidently even during their periods. Molped’s Hygiene Shield is a green, anti-germ layer which prevents odor and delivers superior absorption, ensuring long hours of hygiene so women can live their lives comfortably without any interruptions.

Molped is a sanitary pad brand of Hayat Kimya and has been providing women across the globe with innovative products and solutions for more than 2 decades.

It was first launched in Turkey in 1999, where it still maintains its market leadership position in the panty liner category. Today, it is available and sold in over 40 countries with more than 3 million users every day.

In Pakistan, Molped launched this year and has appointed famous Turkish star Esra Bilgic as its brand ambassador to promote the importance of menstrual hygiene and having the right hygiene partner. Esra shared her excitement and thoughts on this collaboration by saying, “I am extremely excited to be a part of this brand. We have started a journey from Turkey to Pakistan. Molped, a global sanitary pad brand which is well known in my country since 1999 and loved by women in different countries, is now in Pakistan, and I’m really happy to be a part of this family and be the ambassador of Molped Pakistan. Here, we aim to provide the most comfortable products, spread awareness, educate women about hygiene and enable them to live life without interruptions.”

Tolga Arslan, CEO of Molped Pakistan, expressed pleasure at introducing the brand to Pakistan and said, “Our aim is to ensure hygiene and comfort for all Pakistani women so they can have a stress-free period every month. Molped enables women to live confidently as well as uninterrupted.”

Molped Hygiene Shield offers both Maxi Thick & Ultra-Thin variants to suit all different needs and preferences.

Molped is sure to become a close and dear friend of women in Pakistan, empowering them by not only providing a hygienic and comfortable period but also by opening up conversations around menstrual hygiene.

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