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Pakistani citizens are quite disappointed by the latest government decision related to mobile phones. If you are bringing or importing more than one phone to Pakistan, you have to pay the huge amount of tax for it.mobile tax calculator

Latest News About Mobile Phone Taxes In Pakistan

A few days ago, the information minister, Fawad Chaudhary has announced it officially. He says that:

“Overseas Pakistani can bring more than one mobile phone with them but they have to pay tax on other mobile phone sets.”

According to recent announcements, no registration or duty is required on phones that were activated or used before 1st December 2018. For others, terms and conditions are mentioned below.

  • You can bring up to 5 phones per year to Pakistan.
  • One phone is allowed to be registered as duty-free. You have to pay tax on additional phones.

Well, some relief has been given to the people visiting Pakistan.

  • No registration/duty needed on any phone(s) using foreign sims on roaming.
  • No registration/duty needed if phones to be used in Pakistan for less than 30 days.

In case, if you put in a Pakistani SIM then you have to get the phone registered within 30 days. Neglecting to do so will result in the phone being blocked.

How much mobile tax you have to pay at the airport or at the customs offices? We have made a mobile tax calculator or phone registration tax finder which can give you an idea of how much tax you can pay for your phone.mobile registration tax

Mobile Taxes List

Note: Where we have mentioned currency in a dollar, assume it Rs 140 (according to the current situation).

You have to pay 7 types of taxes, in total.

Customs Duty

It doesn’t depend on any factor. It is the fixed amount i.e. Rs 250.

Regulatory Duty

It depends on the cost of the phone.

  • If $1 to $60, tax= PKR 250
  • If $61 to $130, tax= 10% of Mobile value
  • If more than $130, tax = 20% of the Value of the Phone

Sales Tax

It doesn’t depend on any factor. It is the fixed amount i.e. Rs 1,500.

Additional Sales Tax

It is equal to 3% of the cost of the mobile phone.

IT Duty

It is equal to 9% of the cost of the mobile phone.

Mobile Levy

It is the only tax that is based on phone prices in Pakistan.

If cell phone price is PKR 10,000 to 40,000, mobile levy = PKR 1000.

If cell phone price is PKR 40,000 to 80,000, mobile levy = PKR 3000

If the price is more than PKR 80,000, mobile levy = PKR 5000

Provincial Tax

It is equal to 0.9% of the cost of the mobile phone.

After adding all these, you will get the exact amount you have to pay.

From the list given below, you can easily get an idea that how much tax you have to pay depending on the cost of the phone.


We know it is a bit higher, the government should minimize it. PAT will handle all NOC (No Objection Certificate) requests. Duties and registrations can be done either at the airport or in any of the custom houses across Pakistan.

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