MG Assembly Plant: MG Expedites Plant Construction For Early Deliveries

MG Motors Pakistan starts the construction of MG assembly plant.


MG Motors Pakistan is making every effort possible to please the local customers. The company has faced a lot of criticism for delays in the car deliveries over the past few months. While many consumers are still bound to wait for their vehicles to arrive, others are confronting the company officials for answers. In this scenario, MG Motors has come up with a solution to expedite the delays and to overcome consumer complaints. The MG assembly plant is under construction. As per the announcement, MG will start the local production of its vehicles very soon.

MG Assembly Plant In Pakistan

MG assembly plant in Pakistan

The news of the MG assembly plant in Pakistan was in discussion for the past few weeks. While experts were looking for clear details, the company has saved them the trouble. Recently, the company officials took it to the MG Motors Pakistan official Facebook page to make the announcement.

“Construction of the first MG Motors assembly plant is in progress under the supervision of both Pakistani and Chinese experts. Very soon, we will be capable of taking the next step of producing vehicles in Pakistan. A great step forward, not only for us, but for the whole Automotive Industry in Pakistan.”

Delays In Global Vehicle Production

MG is not the only company that is caught under the immense pressure of global vehicle production delays. Several other automakers are facing the same problem. This issue is mainly due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips used in vehicles.

MG assembly plant in Pakistan

While this may be true, the local production of MG vehicles will begin soon as per the company’s word. However, it still seems a bit doubtful keeping in view the local market scenario.

Should you buy MG cars while there are no parts in the market?

Will Consumers Get Early Car Deliveries?

The local MG assembly plant is surely a great step forward in the local automobile market. However, there is a possibility that the company is planning to shift the consumer bookings for CBU units to CKD units instead. This also means that there will not be any car deliveries any time soon. Once the plant is complete, the cars will go into production and eventually come out as CKD units in Pakistan.

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