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Mayi Ri

Mayi Ri drama was definitely a big hit as the topic was too sensitive yet it was carried out by makers brilliantly. The drama centred around child marriage and the problems women face in Pakistani households. Mayi Ri drama cast includes Aina Asif, Samar Abbas, Maria Wasti, Maya Khan, Rimha Ahmed and everyone else who did a great job. However, the fans were really disappointed with the ending. But. According to our analysis, the ending was justified and the Mayi Ri ending taught a lot to the viewers. If you haven’t seen the ending from that perspective, here you go with an alternative opinion.


An Unusual but Happy Ending

First and foremost, you need to clear your heads from all the fuss about Aini and Fakhir getting divorced. Just take your attention directly to the core objective of the drama which was to demote child marriage. If the drama ended on a happy note where Aini and Fakhir lived happily ever after, it would not have served the purpose.

The first lesson that it teaches is that a happy ending is not just linked to marriage. There is a lot more in life that Aini and Fakhir achieved. The ending revealed how their decision to part ways led to their growth as individuals.

Child Marriage is Nothing but a Problem

Child Marriage is a stigma in the society. It deprives two individuals of their identity and makes them just spouses who have responsibilities towards each other and families. Mayi Ri drama brilliantly touched on the most sensitive aspects of child marriage in terms of both characters. Despite the gender, it affects both husband and wife. Fakhir was deprived of his life goals. He was burdened more than his capabilities. This child marriage snatched the goal of Aini to be an educated and independent girl. Mayi Ri drama also highlighted the health issues related to early marriage and pregnancies. This drama was effective in raising awareness among the public.

Divorce is not a Stigma

Divorce is the right of spouses to end an unhappy marital life. When things do not work out after continuous effort to maintain the relationship, the output cannot be in the form of happiness or solace. To escape from the mental and emotional strain and turn into enemies while being with each other is worse than parting ways. Aini and Fakhir set an example that divorce can be taken as an option to grow out of the passive relationship.

The drama also shows that life does not end with divorce. The individuals can focus on themselves after divorce and live happily if the partnership does not bring happiness. Hopefully, they can find someone better when ready to move on.

Spouses Part, Parents Don’t

They both had conflicts regarding their personal relationship which ended up in divorce. But, the fact that they turned out to be better parents than their parents cannot be ignored. Even after the divorce, Aini and Fakhir mutually took the responsibility of taking care of their child without keeping any animosity between them. This is a lesson to all divorced or divorcing parents that divorce ends a marital relationship but not parenthood. To ensure a happy life for the child, the grudges should be sided and parenting should be mutually carried out rather than creating problems.

A Big No to Forced Marriage

We saw Aini and Fakhir in the Mayi Ri drama getting married forcefully to fulfil their parents’ wishes. Despite every effort to resist, they got into a forceful relationship that they could not accept even after years. Parents need to consider that they can impose their decision on their children but that could not promise their happiness.

The parents need to learn that their temporary decision may ruin the lives of their children. So, they should always consider the willingness of children to get married because it is they who are willing to spend their lives together.

Women Empowerment

Mayi Ri drama was big on women empowerment. All we saw at the beginning was all the females of the household silenced and treated as slaves. They had no say in making decisions and presenting their opinions. However, the tables were 360 degrees turned at the end. Aini’s mother who was always afraid of divorce, endured the pain of her husband’s second marriage, his assaults, and household chores. However, in the end, she was happy with her daughters as a single mother after getting divorced which took plight out of her life.

Moreover, Fakhir’s mother is an example that women are capable of carrying out the business perfectly. She took the business to the heights that the men of the family could not take.


Overall, the drama deserves to be one of the best Pakistani dramas to watch in 2023. It has gained a lot of criticism for portraying subjects like child marriage, early-age pregnancy, and divorce. The criticism arose due to the portrayal of subjects that are always silenced and endured. However, it was courageous of the team to work on such topics to raise awareness of the public. We need to look forward to more such dramas that can transform our society.

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
Dua is a seasoned writer who loves to write on Pakistani Entertainment and Infotainment while having her Masters in English literature

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