Present is Dead and Future is Crying—This is Indian Kashmir through Lenses of photojournalist

KashmirPresent is Dead and Future is Crying---This is Indian Kashmir through Lenses...

Sometimes click does not need words to explain whose someone is dead and who is crying. Both are Muslims and both are victims of genocide going on inside Indian Occupied Kashmir and other parts of India. IoK is the most Militarized region in the world.


Reporting human genocide is crime in India and it may be mention that award-winning photojournalist of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) Masrat Zahra is now facing a case of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) for indulging in “anti-national activities” on social media.Police have made her accused of uploading anti-national posts [on Facebook] with criminal intentions to induce the youth.


International Human Rights Watch Committee of Protection of Journalists (CPJ) has strongly condemned registration of a case against Masrat Zahra.

Muslims are being killed everywhere in India—from Delhi to IoK but mainstream media is silent. Photo in the following tweet is from Reuters News Agency about the genocide of Muslims in New Delhi which went unchecked for two days in February 2020.


The only crime of Masrat Zahra is to document through her camera lenses what is going on inside IoK. Every journalist who tries to expose Indian brutalities in IoK is now persecuted under BJP rule.

In her interview to BBC after registration of case her, Masrat Zahra said that as a photojournalist she has to cover reality around her and she is a victim of her work. She said that Journalism is not Crime. Would the world come forward and tell the Indian government that Journalism is not Crime?




While tweeting this story on April 30, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan says:

“Undercover of COVID19 global pandemic, the Modi Govt with its fascist Hindutva Supremacist RSS-driven ideology continues its war crimes in IOJK as it violates the Fourth Geneva Convention by continuing its genocide of Kashmiris: & by attempting to change the demography in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir – a territory recognised as disputed by UN. The international community has a responsibility to take note of & act against these war crimes by India in violations of 4th Geneva Convention & int humanitarian laws”.

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