Just solution of Kashmir dispute must to avoid nuclear war: Mushaal

  • Says Hindutva regime hell-bent to turn India into a Hindu nation

 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Chairperson Peace and Culture Organisation Mushaal Hussein Mullick said that rampant extra-judicial killings, undocumented detentions, missing persons and widespread harassment have become a norm now in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOK).

In a statement on Wednesday, Mushaal, wife of jailed Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Muhammad Yasin Malik, urged the UN and the human rights organizations to act now for the just resolution of the Kashmir dispute or else the unresolved issue could provide the spark to light South Asia’s nuclear fuse.

Mushaal Mullick said that Indian brutal forces unleashed a wave of terrorism in the occupied valley and the Kashmir crisis simmered dangerously.

Mushaal reiterated that Kashmir is not India’s internal matter but a nuclear flashpoint in South Asia and ignoring the Kashmir dispute would serve no one interest rather it could have disastrous consequences not only for the region but the entire world.


The chairperson demanded that the UN should intervene to resolve the Kashmir dispute to avoid nuclear war in the region.

The Kashmiri leader said that just solution of the Kashmir dispute is prerequisite to end the turmoil in South Asia.

Mushaal appealed that the UN must organize a high-level fact-finding mission to probe HR violations in IIOJK as the world must not remain indifferent to what is happening in Kashmir.


The Hurriyat leader went on to say that Indian religious minorities have been facing increased violence under Narendra Modi fascist regime, as the BJP government is relentlessly implementing RSS ideology against minorities in India.

Mushaal Mullick said that hate crimes against minorities have alarmingly increased in Modi’s India, which is evident from a Christian school in Madhya Pradesh attacked by Hindu extremists.

Mushaal said that over 300 attacks have been documented against Christians alone so far this year in India, as BJP is on a mission to purge India of its minorities because Modi’s ultimate dream is to turn India into a Hindu nation.

The chairperson lamented that minorities are living in a state of fear in India; therefore international community must take notice of Hindu fascism, as the RSS-backed Modi government is using terror as a policy to intimidate religious minorities in India.

Mushaal noted that Modi’s fascist ideology is the biggest threat to regional peace and stability.

However, despite all these war crimes and human rights violations, she quested the world’s inaction and said when will the world unite for the Kashmir cause and call for an effective action to secure the life and property of the innocent Kashmiris.

Mushaal Hussein Mullick demanded that the world should unite for the Kashmir cause or else the Hindutva regime would turn Kashmir into a second Palestine right before our eyes.


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