How to make hand sanitizer at home


With the number of Coronavirus-infected people is almost touching 250,000 worldwide including in Pakistan and nearly 10,100 have lost their lives to the disease, the people in panic and anxiety are flocking towards markets to buy safety masks and hand sanitizers.

However, as demand rises, both safety masks and hand sanitizers have gone extinct in the markets or their prices have gone sky-high, making it difficult for the general public to utilize them as precautionary measures to prevent themselves from the COVID-19.

Recently, the authorities have raided various Medical Stores and Shops and retrieved the hoarded safety masks and sanitizers. They also slapped fines on Shop Keepers for indulging in malpractices to ensure the availability of face masks and sanitizers.

Yet the people are finding it hard to buy sanitizers to disinfect their hands. Therefore, in the following lines, we would tell you how you can make a hand sanitizer at your home easily.

How to make hand sanitizer at home?

  • Take 200 milliliters (ml) water and pour 100 ml spirit (ethyl alcohol) into it.
  • Put 10 ml Dettol into the water and stir it slowly for five minutes.
  • Your hand sanitizer is ready but if you want to make a little thick, add one or two pinches of salt to the water or put aloe vera gel on it, and then stir it.
  • You may also sprinkle rose water on the homemade hand sanitizer for fragrance.

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