How to Activate MCB Debit Card? – A Step by Step Guide

GeneralHow to Activate MCB Debit Card? - A Step by Step Guide

How to activate MCB debit card

MCB is one of the best banks in Pakistan for assisting the public with the best financing services. MCB has provided a digital banking system to help citizens make transactions easily. Therefore, a debit card is provided by the bank to every account holder to easily withdraw money and make payments online. But, it is a bit confusing to activate MCB debit card. This article will provide you with complete details about how to activate MCB Debit card.

Why and How To Activate MCB Debit Card?


MCB Debit card makes your life easy and your wallet light. All you need is one card and you can use it around the clock without getting worries about being short on cash. It provides international accessibility with no transaction limit. So, spend as much as you can with an MCB Debit card.

There are two simple ways to activate MCB Debit Card: Activation via call and Activation via ATM machine.

Activate MCB card via Phone call

How to activate MCB debit card


Activation through a phone call is the easiest and fastest method for those who want to save time. This method is also feasible for those who don’t know how to read and write. Before proceeding with this method, you need to make sure a few things like:

  • Make a call from the number that you registered in the bank.
  • Make sure you have a balance in the SIM
  • Keep your CNIC and MCB Debit cards in front of you.

After having all these things you are good to follow this procedure:

  • Make a call to the MCB helpline at 042-111 000 622.
  • Then select your language from the menu like 1 for Urdu, 2 for Punjabi, 3 for Sindhi, etc. 
  • After that, press zero to switch to customer care service.
  • Tell the reason for calling so your call is transferred to the respective person.
  • For ATM card activation, they will ask for the last four digits of your ATM Card.
  • Then, tell them your CNIC number.
  • After that, they will ask for the expiry date of your card.
  • Then, you have to tell them your mother’s name.
  • When they have collected all your information, they will ask you to choose a secret 4-digit PIN for your ATM Card.
  • Dial the ATM pin on your mobile calling app.
  • Re-enter the ATM secret pin for confirmation.
  • After successfully following the method, wait for a confirmation message.

As soon as you receive the confirmation message, your card is activated. Then you are good to use an ATM card in all MCB ATMs.

Activation Through ATM Machine


How to activate MCB debit card

For this Method too, make sure you are using the same number that you providing to the bank for account activation.

  • First of all, you have to open the messaging app on your phone and type a new message.
  • Write ACT <space> CNIC Number (without spaces and dashes) <space> the last 4 digits of your ATM card. 
  • Your message will look like this, ACT 38616153937 0987
  • Send this SMS to 6222.
  • The bank will send you a 6-digit code after some time.
  • When you get the code, visit the nearest MCB ATM machine.
  • Enter your MCB Debit card into the ATM Machine.
  • The machine will ask for an activation code.
  • Enter the code that you received earlier via SMS.
  • Then, create a secret PIN on the screen.
  • Re-enter the secret pin for confirmation.
  • After following the whole procedure, you have successfully activated your MCB Debit card.
  • You will also receive a confirmation message from the bank through SMS.

These are the easiest methods of how to activate MCB Debit card that you can use anywhere for shopping as well as withdrawing money from ATMs across the country.

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