How Stress Can Affect Your Skin?


Skin diseases are very common around the world. The extreme weather and poor sanitary conditions make them all the more probable in Pakistan. A study was conducted in the skin department of a local hospital in 2017.

According to this study, a whopping 95,938 patients visited the hospital for skin problems in one year. Out of these 24,302 were follow up cases while 71,681 were registered as new cases. Such alarming statistics from one hospital only gives an insight in to the scale of skin diseases in the country.

One reason of skin problems that is relatively unknown is stress. Yes, you read it right. Mental stress can cause skin reactions. In this article, we will address the different ways stress can have an effect on your skin.

What skin problems can arise because of stress?

There are a lot of skin problems that can arise just because your mind is stressed. The biology behind this problem is that when your brain is stressed, it produces a hormone called cortisol in very large amounts. The cortisol hormones then signal the skin glands to produce more oil. The oily skin when combined with extreme weather conditions present symptoms which are known as stress-related skin problems.

Acne is one of the most common skin problems which presents itself in response to stress. Apart from this, skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can become more aggressive in response to stress.

When people are stressed they are also less likely to take care of their skin regularly which might add to the problem. There is also the issue of a cyclic pattern. Many people get more stressed when they encounter skin problems. As a result, they end up damaging their skin more.

How to reduce outbreaks of stress-related skin problems?

Stress related skin-issues arise when stress cannot find another way out of the body. It is thus good practice to include regular exercise in life. Exercising is ideal in balancing the stress hormones out. Exercise cause the body to release pleasure hormones which in turn reduce the production of cortisol. So, there will be less chance of a skin outbreak.

Meditation is another way to keep stress at bay. Meditation is helpful in having a clear head and ward off the daily stresses of your life. Last but not the least, it is also important to have a good skin care routine. The more resilient your skin is, the less it will be prone to stress.

How to get rid of stress-related skin problems?

Once you have already encountered stress related skin problems, you can get rid of them by following some simple steps. The first thing that you need to do is to correct your sleep cycle. Getting enough sleep is sometimes enough to relax the body and stop skin problems to grow.

You can also try and seek support from friends by having a chat with them about the root causes of your stress. You should also keep yourself hydrated to keep your blood pressure down. A normal blood pressure automatically brings the stress levels down. If your skin problems still won’t stop growing, you should see a dermatologist at your earliest.


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