How to increase Honda 125 and CD 70 Fuel Average in Pakistan

Bikes in PakistanHonda BikesHow to increase Honda 125 and CD 70 Fuel Average in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 Fuel Average

The shooting prices of petrol in Pakistan have created a panicking situation, significantly when prices increase daily. We can not control the rising petrol prices nor stop riding our motorbikes. However, we can take some initiative to increase Honda’s fuel average of 125cc and 70cc bikes.

This article will discuss how we can increase the fuel average of Honda 125 and CD 70 in Pakistan.

Ways to Increase Fuel Average in Honda 125 and CD 70

Below are some tested methods that can help you conserve a few litres on every ride.

Lower Tire Pressure

The pressure of the tire directly affects the fuel average of your motorbike. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA has also proved in one of their studies that every 1% decrease in tire pressure saves 0.3% fuel usage.

Honda also recommends keeping lower tire pressure unless you are riding a bumpy road. It is recommended to keep the tire on moderate pressure or recommended pressure to increase the fuel average.

Cleaning of Air Filter

The Air filter plays a vital role in increasing the fuel average of bikes. Recent studies has also proved that the installation of new air filters or cleaning of air filters significantly reduces fuel costs.

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The dynamic of the air filter is to pass the air from the surroundings to the engine, where air and fuel combine to ignite the engine. If the air filter is jammed, greasy, or blocked, it will take more than the required time to provide enough air to the fuel to ignite the engine.

As a result, the engine uses more than the required fuel. So, it is highly recommended to change the air filter of bikes regularly.

Modify Honda CD 70

Chain Maintenance

Also known as “Final Drive of Motorcycle”, most bikes come with zero-ring chains. Keeping the chain clean, lubricated, and maintained every 500-700 KM is strongly recommended.

The following practice provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience and increases the bike’s fuel average.

Honda 125 2021

Engine Oil Replacement

Regularly replacing engine oil is also recommended to increase the engine’s efficiency. Besides, it also results in an increased fuel average.


Final Thoughts

As discussed in the article, try and test mentioned methods to increase the fuel average of your Honda 125 and Honda CD 70.

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