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Here is Everything You Want to Know about Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf is known as one of the finest young actresses of the drama industry and she has marked her success marvelously in a number of drama serials till the date. Though many of the viewers initially didn’t believe that this young lady will do something extraordinary but Hina showed and got a huge round of applause from the viewers for her exceptional acting skills. Though people know very little about who is actually Hina Altaf apart from knowing her as an actress and with this consideration, here we have something interesting to tell you about this young actress which you would have never learned before.

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Who is Hina Altaf?

Hina Altaf is a twenty-five years old VJ turned television actress who is ruling the hearts of people for many years now since she started acting as a child star. She was born on the 24th of October in 1992 in the metropolitan city of Karachi. Hina Altaf is 28 years old and She studied from Beaconhouse School System and went on to do graduation from Iqra University. She is one of those actresses who look much younger than their ages. Hina has a natural, effortless look about her that adds to her charm and gives her on-screen characters much more of realism than showbiz fantasy.

Hina’s Popular Dramas

Hina has been trying her hand in many genres of showbiz. She has been a video jockey, commercial model, a compare and TV show host. However, what gave her national fame was her performances in plays like “Ek Thi Misaal” where she nailed the character of a young girl who had been someone closest to the heart of her parents but they went through divorce and she practically faced a lot due to this bitter turning point but she managed to prove her worth otherwise.

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In Udaari, she was the twenty-something who had once been a victim of child abuse at the hands of her stepfather. Hina was flawless as the abused and haunted, yet determined and reflective Zebu and the way she stood up for her mother, who wanted to protect her daughter’s past from the society’s glance got her international recognition. Since then, there is not a single day when Hina Altaf hadn’t enjoyed fame in all aspects of her exceptional talent.

Hina as a Host

She has done music shows on ARY music and plays TV, starting at eighteen years old. Her hosting skills have shone really well in ‘Breaking Weekend’ in which she had a wonderful conversation with her guests in a lighter tone. Everything about the show is relaxed, casual and enjoyable. Similarly, her hosting in the Morning Show of ARY News is also at par with ladies much older in age and experience. Moreover, she also recently hosted the Pepsi Battle of the Bands and served excellently for her job.

Hina Altaf Age

Hina’s Personal Preferences

One thing that Hina keeps mentioning about herself is that she is a foodie and a traveler. She loves the travel aspect of her job and is always ready to be on the journey to explore whenever an opportunity to do so comes her way. She also shares beautiful pictures of food which is well-presented, especially fast food which she is very fond of eating.

Hina’s Style Statement

As far as Hina’s style statement is concerned, she is mostly casual and natural, with minimal makeup and silky brown tresses falling their own way. She is not very fussed about makeup and jewelry either and keeps her fashion statement simple and tidy. However, on the occasions which demand glamour, Hina is fabulous in formal and heavy makeovers as well. She rocks with her elegance in both Asian and western wear.

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Hina on Social Media

Like all other stars of today, Hina is also very active on social media. Though there are many fan pages with her name, she keeps her personal accounts updated with the latest happenings in her life. Most of her posts show fun images of herself with friends. One of her very good friends from showbiz is Iqra Aziz, with whom she has some happy clicks on Instagram.

Hina’s Relationship Status

Hina’s relationship status is single as of now because she is fully focused on her career at the moment. In her interviews, she has expressed her wishes to find more challenging and performance-based roles to prove her mettle as a versatile actress.

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