Experts advise diabetic patients to adopt preventive measures

HealthExperts advise diabetic patients to adopt preventive measures

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Health experts have advised diabetic patients to adopt preventive measures to avoid serious health hazards including amputation of limbs posed by diabetes, as treatment is costly as well as difficult than prevention.

Speakers made these remarks during awareness seminar organised by Polyclinic Hospital to observe World Diabetes Day here on Saturday.

They informed the number of persons suffering from Diabetes mellitus was increasing rapidly in country.

It is estimated that about 7.1 million people are suffering from this disease in the country and will increase to 13.8 million by the year 2030.

Dr Iftikhar Malik said that every 10 seconds, two people were diagnosed with diabetes, and one person died of diabetes related causes.

Dr Malik said seven million people become victim of diabetes every year around the globe and 70,000 children suffer from type-1 diabetes every year.

“More than seven million people in Pakistan are diabetic patients,” he said adding that diabetes could badly affect eyes, brain, heart, kidneys and legs. It was one of the major causes of blindness and kidney failure, he pointed out.

Executive Director Polyclinic Dr Zahid stressed on prevention or possible delay in diabetes with rigorous lifestyle intervention or drug therapy, 30 minutes daily exercise, at least 2 monthly dietary advice and early treatment for cholesterol and by controlling Blood Pressure.

He said patients with diabetes were at very high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases.

“They are at more risk of heart attack and heart failure than normal persons,” he stated.

He was of the view that in serious complication due to diabetes patients commonly left with no option but surgery that was costly and risky.

He stressed on the need to adopt healthy lifestyle and prevention measures for living a better life.

While advising audience about the symptoms of diabetes, he said that need to urinate several times, feeling severe thirst, reducing weight and fatigue and weakness are important symptoms of this deadly disease.

Taking balanced diet, regular exercise, weight control, regular medication and proper test of blood glucose level are a few essential factors that could help to control diabetes and avoid complications, he observed.

Dr Wayma, senior medical officer said that diabetes was increasing at an alarming rate in Pakistan.

Estimated figures showed that the number would increase from 7.1 million to 11.4 million, ranking Pakistan 10th in the world by 2030, she added.

Twelve percent of adults above the age of 25 suffer from this condition; 10 percent of them have an Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT).

Dr Ahmad Khawaja consultant Endocriniologist and incharge diabetic clinic of polyclinic said that diabetes prevention was more important than treatment.

He said diabetic patients should strictly check their lifestyle and dietary habits to avoid serious complications including limbs amputation.

“They need to pay close daily attention to foot health especially when there is significantly diminished blood flow and nerve damage (neuropathy),” he added.

He said such complications did not occur very early but with the passage of time could pose serious threat to patient’s life.

Dr Jamal Zafar said that furthermore, there was an increased prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in Pakistan with main risk factors identified as obesity, a family history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

Famous nutritionist Zeeshan Ahmad highlighted the importance of diet in treatment of diabetes.

She also underlined factors affecting individual diet of diabetic patients such as type of diabetes, complications, medications, blood sugar control, past medical history, height, weight, age, gender, dietary history, eating patterns and habits, favorite foods, food allergies and physical activity.

He shared a sample diet plan for patients with diabetes and emphasized on including fiber in regular diet.

She told that bran wheat, fruits and vegetables contain fiber that has virtually zero calories.

Fiber was equally beneficial for patients with cardiac diseases, he added.

Later, all speakers and Consultant Endocrinologists and Consultant Ophthalmologists gave answers to various queries of patients in question-answer session.

Source: APP

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