Hania Amir Trended on Twitter because of her bold Dressing


Hania Amir is in the news, for one reason or the other, always. The young starlet has a way of amassing attention with her quirky behavior and scandalous remarks every now and then. This time around, she did absolutely nothing except starring in a song and that has made her a top Twitter Trend in Pakistan for all the wrong reasons.

Hania Amir’s Dressing Becomes A Top Twitter Trend In Pakistan

This speaks a lot about how we will do anything to make sure that we criticize public figures and celebrities whenever we want.

What Actually Happened?

Asim Azhar recently released the complete song ‘Tum Tum’, which was already scandalous because of a TikTok star’s presence. Social media become abuzz with the criticisms on the promo launch, but now that the full song is out, people seem to have lost it.

Hania Amir’s Dressing Becomes A Top Twitter Trend In Pakistan

#HaniaAmir has become the top Twitter trend in the country because of her few seconds presence in the sleeveless dress. People are either commenting on her ‘unIslamic’ appearance or how she appeared for only a few seconds in an Asim Azhar song.

How This All Started?

Hania had constantly been promoting Asim’s song Tum Tum and the TikTok star Areeka Haq who debuted in the world of YouTube entertainment and the music industry with it. The people had been bulling the young 17-year-old TikTok celebrity on moving from the platform to the song, which made Hania continuously advocate for her and the potential love interest Asim Azhar.

Audience’s Reaction To Hania Amir’s Appearance

Hania Amir’s Dressing Becomes A Top Twitter Trend In Pakistan

Since the song was the center of the controversy from day 1, after its launch yesterday it has blown of proportion. People took to Twitter to not only school Hania on her appearance but to also taunt on a 10-sec appearance in the song.

Having said that, people haven’t been liking the song and have mixed that with the entire controversy too. Here are few of the Twitteratis and how they have made the young superstar a trend on the micro-blogging platform:

We all know how toxic Pakistani social media and its users can be. Once again, we have proven that celebrities are an easy target and a punching bag for the frustrated audience that would do anything but to make sure they people a part of large-scale debauchery and bullying. No matter how and what the song was to the public, the comment on someone’s appearance isn’t fair. But, we do know how fierce Hania is, so that seals the deal.

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