Hamari Kahani Review – An Insight To Turkish Drama Series

Showbiz PakistanHamari Kahani Review - An Insight To Turkish Drama Series

Hamari Kahani (Bizim Hikaye) is one of the most-watched Turkish dramas in Pakistan as well as other countries. The cast of the show includes highly popular Turkish actors including Burak Deniz and Hazal Kaya. There are two seasons of the show. Both the seasons were aired on Urdu 1 with Urdu dubbing. If you have missed the show on TV and want to watch it on your own, this brief review of the drama will help you get started. Let’s take a look at the much-demanded Hamari Kahani review.

Hamari Kahani (Bizim Hikaye) – A Brief Review

hamari Kahani Review

The story of Hamari Kahani is full of twists and turns. As the name suggests, the drama involves the story of a girl named Filiz (Fiza in Urdu) and a boy named Baris (Basit in Urdu).

The major focus of the drama is on Filiz’s family that consists of 6 siblings including Filiz. Being the oldest child, Filiz has to look after her siblings by earning through jobs in an attempt to make up for the shortfalls of her parents. Her father drinks and does not care about his family while her mother leaves them for good to stay somewhere else.

As the story unfolds, Baris comes across Filiz and the two start to take interest in each other. While this may be true, the drama is full of heartbreaking and unpredictable turns of events that lead to a series of problems until the last moment of the show.

If you want to watch a Turkish drama with a unique, interesting, and highly engaging plot, Hamari Kahani is definitely a great choice to go with.

How To Watch Hamari Kahani In Urdu?

You can easily watch HD quality Urdu-dubbed Hamari Kahani on the official YouTube channel of Urdu 1. For your ease, below is the link to the first episode.

Hamari Kahani Urdu 1 

Cast Details

  • Hazal Kaya
  • Burak Deniz
  • Reha Özcan
  • Yagiz Can Konyali
  • Zeynep Selimoglu
  • Ömer Sevgi
  • Alp Akar
  • Mehmetcan Mincinozlu
  • Mehmat Korhan
  • Nejat Uygur
  • Nesrin Cavadzade
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