Five types of visas you can apply for job in UAE

UAEFive types of visas you can apply for job in UAE

Five types of Visa to apply in UAE

If you are planning to work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are several types of visas you can apply for depending on your circumstances. Here are five common types of visas for job in the UAE:

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Company Sponsored Work Visa 

This visa is issued to individuals who have a confirmed job offer from a company in the UAE. It requires sponsorship from the employing company, and the employer typically handles the application process. The employment visa allows the individual to live and work in the UAE for a specified period. Here’s how the process generally works:

  • job offer
  • Sponsorship
  • Application Process:
  • Immigration Approval
  • Entry Permit
  • Medical Tests and Additional Requirements
  • Residency Visa

Green Visa 

The Green Visa is an unsponsored, five-year resident permit for the United Arab Emirates. Holders of green visas have a six-month grace period following the cancellation and expiration of their visas and can sponsor first-degree relatives in the UAE. The Green Visa is only available to skilled workers, freelancers, and investors that meet specified requirements.

For skilled employees

According to, to apply for the Green Visa, skilled employees need to meet four conditions:

1. Possess an official employment contract
2. Fall within the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization’s (MOHRE) first, second, or third occupational levels.
3. Possess at least a bachelor’s degree.
4. Earn at least Dh15,000 per month in salary.

For freelancers 

Self-employed individuals or freelancers can apply for the Green visa only if they meet these three requirements:

1. A MOHRE freelancing permission.
2. Documentation of a specific diploma or bachelor’s degree
3. A minimum income of Dh360,000, or the equivalent in another currency, must be shown for the previous two years.

Golden Visa 

The Golden Visa grants individuals and their families the right to live, work, and study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor (Emirati citizen). It offers greater stability and security, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of residing in the UAE for an extended period.

The Golden Visa provides long-term residency validity ranging from 5 to 10 years, depending on the category. It can be renewed upon expiry, as long as the individual continues to meet the eligibility requirements.

The application for a Golden Visa involves submitting the required documents, which typically include proof of eligibility, investment or business details, educational qualifications, and other supporting materials. The application is reviewed by the relevant authorities, and upon approval, the Golden Visa is issued.

Freelance Visa 

The UAE also offers a freelance work permit, known as the freelancer visa. This allows individuals to work as freelancers or independent contractors in the country. Freelancers need to provide proof of their professional skills and may need to demonstrate a minimum income level. This visa is for two years.

Domestic Worker Visa 

The domestic worker visa in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a specific type of visa designed for individuals who are employed as domestic workers or household staff, such as maids, nannies, drivers, cooks, and gardeners.

The domestic worker visa requires sponsorship from an Emirati citizen or a resident of the UAE who meets the eligibility criteria to sponsor a domestic worker. The sponsor is typically the employer or the head of the household where the domestic worker will be employed.


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