Five minutes video of Imran Khan says all that Shahbaz Gill claimed in 10 minutes talk at ARY. Watch the Video

PoliticsFive minutes video of Imran Khan says all that Shahbaz Gill claimed...

Islamabad, Pakistan: PTI leaders are of the view whatever Chief of Staff of former Prime Minister Imran Khan Shabaz Gill said on ARY News was his own viewpoint and has nothing to do with party policy and position.

They also claim that party Chairman Imran Khan thinks otherwise about Pakistan Army and PMLN government wants to create misunderstanding between the Pakistan Army and PTI leadership. Their claims are contrary to facts if we watch just a five minutes video of PTI Chairman Imran that speaks all that Khan thinks about the Pakistan Army.

In this video, Imran Khan blamed Pakistan Army for all ills that happened to the country and also claimed that he is the only saviour who stands for Pakistan and that the sovereignty and security of the country are not linked with a strong army rather both are in the hands of the public. He claims in this video that the establishment had plan A (that indirectly he was) and now the establishment has moved to plan B (multiparty government). He talks about several issues therefore watching the video is a must to know what Imran Khan says about state institutions.

Shahbaz Gill in his talk with ARY News threatened Pakistan Army in a blatant way and clearly incited the ranks and files of a disciplined force. Moreover, he tells rank and file officers that they must question their superiors in case any order that Shahbaz Gill thinks is not in line with PTI policy, is against Pakistan, against those institutions, and will weaken them. This mantra of PTI is being promoted in the country for a long— Those who are “Not” with Imran Khan are traitors, infidels, and corrupt.

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