Fawad Khan Ms Marvel Appearancce Has Finally Came

Fawad Khan Ms Marvel


For many months, we had been hearing about the appearance of Fawad Khan in the Holywood series, Ms Marvel. It became a matter of pride for us Pakistanis to have recognition in the West. We had waited all these years until the series finally came on the air. However, we could not see him in the first few episodes until 5th episode which came on the air today. The fans could not stop praising Fawad Khan Ms Marvel appearance.

What is Fawad Khan Ms Marvel Role?

Fawad Khan role in Ms Marvel is of Kamala Khan’s grandfather in this Marvel Cinematic Universe’s web series. His character’s name is Hassan. The ones who are following the web series must be acquainted with Ms Marvel who has inheritance ties with Pakistan. The character of Hassan (Fawad Khan) was earlier seen in a photograph.

Fawad Khan Ms Marvel

Soon, he appeared in the fifth episode of this international web series. The episode is based on pre-independence India and Pakistan. Although Fawad is playing the role of Kamala’s grandfather, the episode shows the days of his youth. Fans have gone crazy over his look. It is important to notice that Fawad Khan portrayed a Muslim and Pakistani role instead of adopting another culture.

Fawad Khan Ms Marvel

His appearance, language, and struggle to get independence portrays our culture to the world. The fifth episode revolves around the scenes from before the partition of India and Pakistan. There he meets Aaisha (Mehwish Hayat) and they both start a family to which  Kamala Khan belongs. Mehwish Hayat is playing the role of Ms Marvel’s Grandmother. It is from her grandmother’s bangle that she has gotten all her superpowers.

Along with the romance between Aisha and Hassan, Fawad is acting as a freedom fighter. Fans loved his acting and expressions in the episode and they are looking forward to more of him in the series. The fans are excited at the desi touch in the Marvel series and appreciate the work that our Pakistani actors are doing in it. Hopefully, we would see more of Fawad Khan Ms Marvel role in the coming episodes.


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