Famous Pakistani drama Parizaad in Arabic Language Soon

Pakistani DramaFamous Pakistani drama Parizaad in Arabic Language Soon

Parizaad drama in Arabic

Pakistani dramas have the best plotlines because of their unique ideas and preciseness. Parizaad was one of the mega hits among the best Pakistani dramas. It came on-air on HUM TV and gathered massive popularity in the country and abroad. It starred Ahmad Ali Akbar in the lead role and he did utmost justice to his character. Parizaad had a unique story which made it outstand the mainstream dramas of Pakistan. After its popularity in Pakistan, Hum Arabia is going to telecast the Parizaad drama in Arabic language.

Parizaad drama in Arabic language

Parizaad drama in Arabic

People really loved it which made it gain a large viewership. But many foreigners faced a problem that could not understand the Urdu language. So, for them, Hum Arabia is presenting Parizaad drama in the Arabic Language with the name of ‘Qareeban’ which means ‘Approximately’. Ahmad Ali Akbar revealed the teaser of Parizaad drama in the Arabic language in collaboration with Hum TV Arabia. It will make it easier to understand for people in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The post of Ahmad Ali Akbar stated, “Get ready for a timeless masterpiece! The Pakistani drama serial that captivated millions, is now set to enthral Arabic-speaking audiences on Pakistan’s first Arabic entertainment YouTube channel “HUM ARABIA” Immerse yourself in its powerful storytelling and unforgettable characters. Coming Soon!”


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Parizaad story

Parizaad drama in Arabic

Parizaad drama revolved around the life of a poor boy who grew up struggling. Along with poverty, he struggles with the inferiority of a dark complexion. He has always been rejected by everyone due to his appearance and poverty. He failed in his love life and professional life initially. However, soon, his life turned and he got a lot of wealth. Despite having everything, he preferred to donate everything and live a peaceful life in the village.

This unique storyline captured the attention of everyone because it was different from the conventional boring storylines. So, HUM Arabia is bringing Parizaad drama in Arabic Language to capture the wider Arabic-speaking audience. We are going to see more Pakistani dramas in the Arabic language on the Youtube Channel of HUM Arabia to target wider viewership.


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