Emergency Pyar Review – All You Need To Know About The Turkish Drama

One of the recently aired Turkish dramas in Urdu on Urdu 1 is Emergency Pyar (Acil Ask Araniyor). While most of the Turkish dramas are full of suspense and thrill, Emergency Pyar has a rather light and fun story. The idea of the whole drama revolves around two doctors who fall in love with each other while working in the same hospital. Nisan is a girl who moved to the city to pursue her job where she meets Sinan. The overall story of the drama is a combination of happy and sad events through which the leading characters cover their journey. Emergency Pyar has only one season that was launched back in 2015. Let’s have a look at the Emergency Pyar review.

Emergency Pyar (Acil Ask Araniyor) – A Brief Review

Emergency Pyar review

When a young female doctor Nisan moves to Istanbul, her life changes as she meets a doctor named Sinan. She works with him in the same hospital. However, she doesn’t know that Sinan lives in the same building as her. When she finds out, their friendship grows leading to developing a love interest between the two.

Nisan is a very unusual girl and gets unbearable for Sinan at times. She often talks a lot and gets overly worried about things. While Sinan often gets annoyed and angry by her behavior, he still loves her for who she is.

As the story unfolds, several problems arise between the couple leading them to be distant from each other. However, making their way out of the problems and misunderstandings, both Nisan and Sinan end up finding the same love for each other.

How To Watch Emergency Pyar In Urdu

Emergency Pyar recently aired on Urdu 1. Although the show ended in a relatively shorter time period, it is still in demand because of its unique story. If you want to watch Emergency Pyar in Urdu, we have got you covered with the direct link to the drama below.

Emergency Pyar – First Episode

Cast Details

  • Serenay Aktas
  • Mehmet Celik
  • Coraline Chapatte
  • Alkan Demirlek
  • Deniz Erayvaz
  • Ada Alizae Ertem
  • Zeynep Melis Girsen
  • Günes Köksal
  • Gözde Mukavelat
  • Nurettin Sezer
  • Umut Tabak
  • Elif Verit
  • Aykut Yilmaz
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