Dubai Traffic Fines Discount 2024

UAEDubaiDubai Traffic Fines Discount 2024
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Check Dubai traffic fines and the last date to discount your traffic violations in 2023. Still wondering what is it? If you follow all traffic laws when driving a vehicle, you may recently earn your first ticket since traffic laws are stringent in Dubai and traffic penalties are high. Then don’t worry about it. In the UAE, the Traffic Police or the  Government offers Traffic Fine Discounts. You can check if you qualify for a traffic fines discount. Also, You can review our detailed article on all the Traffic Violation Discounts offered in other parts of the UAE.



Get Dubai traffic Fines Discount.

The Dubai government is giving its people significant breaks on their traffic charges. Drivers fined for violating the rules are eligible for up to 100% discounts.

The amount of the decrease will depend on your driving history and how well you follow Dubai’s traffic laws over the next 12 months.

100% Traffic Fines Discounts:

If you observe traffic laws for the upcoming 12 months, you can be qualified for a 100% discount on your fines.

75% Traffic Fines Discounts:

If you follow traffic laws for the next nine months, you’ll receive a 75% discount on your traffic fines.

50% Traffic Fines Discount in Dubai:

If you follow traffic laws for the next six months, you’ll receive a 50% discount on your fines.

25% Traffic Fines Discounts:

If you follow the traffic laws for the next three months, your traffic fines will be reduced by 25%.

If you are still wondering how to get these discounts, don’t worry; they will be applied automatically when you pay your traffic fines. 

Paying Dubai Traffic Fines is easier with a 0% Installment Plan.

Dubai’s traffic fines can be paid quickly and interest-free. You can choose a 0% payment plan using your credit card for 3 to 6 months. These banks offer the plan for Dubai Traffic Fine payments:

  • ADCB
  • Emirates NBD
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Commercial International
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Finance House

Fines above AED 5000 apply to individuals, and for companies, it’s AED 20,000. Clear at least 25% of the fine, and you’ll get up to 24 months for payments. If you need to postpone, there’s a charge: AED 100 for individuals and AED 200 for companies. After 30 days, make your first payment. Keep it within three months between each instalment. To know more and sign up, visit the Dubai Traffic Police Fines Installment Service page.

In Dubai, you can pay traffic charges online, at kiosks, or service locations.

You can visit the RTA website. The procedures are straightforward to follow:

  • The number plate, permit, exemplary, or traffic file number should be entered.
  • Perhaps you’re searching for a fine you have to pay.
  • Choose your favourite to clear first if there are numerous.
  • Your profile will apply a discount.
  • A copy of the online receipt should be saved for future use.

You can pay using the same procedure at a self-service terminal. Drivers can only use a credit card to pay fines they receive online or at self-service kiosks.

Methods of Making Payments of Traffic Fines in Dubai

Dubai offers various means of paying fines, including online, via mobile apps, in-person at police stations, and through other means.

How to Pay a Dubai Fine Online:

Visit the Dubai Traffic Police website.

Look under “Traffic Payments.”

Fill in the blanks with the details from your license.

It would be best if you chose “Search”.

Check off and select the fines you want to dismiss.

Pay the bill.

The following are the terms and conditions for receiving a discount on traffic fines in Dubai:

This applies to the penalties charged for violating traffic laws.

This discount is only suitable for cars with Dubai registrations.

There is no discount available for parking fines.

After receiving a traffic penalty, drivers who have lived outside the UAE for longer than three months are not eligible. Values cannot be applied to vehicles rented or owned by public or private transportation companies.

To achieve this, you can determine whether you qualify for the Dubai traffic fines discount 2023. You will also learn the steps, conditions, and ways to apply for a Dubai traffic fine reduction.



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