Dengue is spreading again across Pakistan

Dengue has been haunting Pakistan since 2005. According to a recent WHO report, there have been 16580 confirmed cases of dengue in the country until now. In the last season of the disease, it claimed the lives of 5000 people in Lahore alone while 257 people died in the rest of the country. The latest season of dengue is upon the country again and this time it is hitting the city of Peshawar hard. Here are some details of the epidemic’s recent wave.

What is the recent situation?

The newest wave of the epidemic of dengue has hit the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to a report by Dawn, more than 1200 cases have been confirmed in the rural areas of the Peshawar district. The hospitals are reporting somewhere around 100 take ins every day with high fever and vomiting.

Out of these, on average 50 are testing positive for dengue hemorrhagic fever. As of now, more than 4000 people have screened as per official reports of the civil administration of the city of Peshawar. Among this plethora of patients, only 188 have been reported as treated by the City’s teaching hospitals. On more depressing fronts a total of 25 patients have been shifted to isolation rooms.

What are some possible causes?

This outburst of dengue is being blamed on a number of factors by the experts. Lack of proper water sanitation and unfair distribution of electricity, gas and clean water and food to the rural areas are some of the major ones.

What cautions can you take?

Dengue is spread by the means of a mosquito which thrives on stagnant water. This mosquito is active during early morning and at dusk. It is thus important that you get rid of unnecessary water reservoirs in your surroundings. You should also minimize outdoor activity and wear full sleeves. You should at all times wear anti-mosquito lotion and sleep under a mosquito net. If you or a loved one starts vomiting or develops a fever, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.



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