Day I of Saudi Media Forum: Strategic media partnerships are need of the day

By Agha Iqrar Haroon

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: “Strategic media partnerships are need of the day to acknowledge cross-cultural achievements and journalists can play pivotal role for world’s peace and harmony through media networking”.

This was observed by the majority of speakers at first day of Saudi Media Forum here on Monday. The Forum will continue on tomorrow Tuesday December 3, 2019.

Forum had renewed intellectuals, and journalists from Middle East along with foreign journalists from 32 countries who shared their thoughts and experiences with participants. They believed that youth can (could) play a pivotal role for the development of the media in Middle East and ethical journalism is the need of the day when “Fake News” practices are blurring the reality.

The majority of the speakers were of the view that young journalists and writers can (could) help to establish narratives and young journalists should be provided trainings and guidance so they would be beacon of journalism in net decade.

The crucial issue of “Islamophobia” was also discussed with an emphasis that how journalists can mitigate dangerous and growing stereotypes.

Day I sessions include:

  • The Relationship Between Media And The Audience
  • Journalism As A Driver Of Change
  • Cross-Border Campaign Tools
  • The Media Message and the Challenges of the Contemporary Transformations
  • Transformational Media: A Blueprint
  • Truth in Modern Media
  • Balanced Reporting in The Age of Media Wars
  • Talk Shows: Discourse, Power, And Significance
  • Youth in Modern Media
  • The Role of Media in Promoting Tolerance and Coexistence
  • The Power of Visuals: Telling the Region’s Story
  • Digital Dialogue in a Digital Age
  • Media as Soft Power
  • Conversations and Communities: How to Create an Authentic Connection with Your Audience
  • Advertising Budgets: Who Benefits?
  • How to win when Challenge is the only Constant
  • The G20 Summit
  • Effective Governance
  • Saudi Arabia: Growing International Presence and A Global Investment Powerhouse
  • The Media Industry: A Reality Check
  • Saudi Sports: Towards A Productive Industry
  • Islamophobia: Fueled by Society or a Media Crisis?

It may be mentioned that two-days Saudi Media Forum kicked off here on Monday (December 2, 2019), which was attended by top media experts from 32 countries.

This is the first Saudi Media Forum arranged by the Saudi Journalists Association.

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The title (slogan) of the Saudi Media Forum is: “Media Industry— Opportunities and Challenges”, in line with the developments in the communication environment of the media and social networks.

Media experts believe that Saudi Arabia is witnessing a period of unprecedented social, political, and economic change and this Forum would help journalists to appreciate the overall development and modernity taking place in Saudi Arabia.