Coronavirus Update: Global death tally reaches 7,511, Pakistan reports 236 cases

The World awaits the development of an effective and safe Coronavirus Vaccine though its Clinical Trial has begun in the United States but the Pandemic has already inflicted enough damage to human lives across the globe.


Not only the virus has already killed 7,511 people across the World but it has also caused huge disruption to the global transportation and financial system.

So far Coronavirus has engulfed 162 Countries and infected 189,196 people since December 2019.

The growing number of affectees implies that the virus hasn’t yet been subsided at all as in the last few hours, 6,754 new cases emerged and 364 more people succumbed to it.

By now, 3,226 people have died of Coronavirus in China, 2,158 in Italy, 988 in Iran, 509 in Spain, 148 in France, 93 in the US, 81 in South Korea, 55 in the UK, 28 in Japan, 24 in the Netherlands, 21 in Switzerland, 20 in Germany, 12 in the Philippines, 11 in Iraq, 10 in Belgium, 9 in San Marino, 7 in Sweden, 5 each in Australia, Poland, Algeria, and Indonesia, 4 each in Denmark, Canada, Greece, Egypt, and Hong Kong, 3 each in Norway, India, Lebanon, and Austria, 2 each in Ireland, Malaysia, Argentina, Bulgaria, and Ecuador, while 1 each in Portugal, Slovenia, Bahrain, Thailand, Pakistan, Luxembourg, Panama, Taiwan, Albania, Hungary, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Demonian Republic, Martinique, Guatemala, Guyana, Ukraine, Cayman Island, and Sudan.

In Pakistan, a total of 236 people have so far diagnosed with the virus of whom 172 belonged to Sindh.

Meanwhile, the global stock markets have sunk while numerous measures are being taken to halt the spread of the COVID-19 i.e. schools, bars and restaurants are being shut down, borders are being closed, public gatherings including religious congregations are being banned, health emergencies are being declared, and flights are being suspended, and people are being advised to avoid handshake and hugging, etc.

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