Corolla Altis X-Package Booking Price Revealed in Pakistan!

Toyota Corolla Altis X-package exact price, features, and images revealed!

Corolla Altis X-Package Price Revealed in Pakistan!

Toyota IMC has now revealed the complete details about Corolla Altis X-package. As we had reported earlier, the CEO of IMC had hinted at launching a new facelift in Pakistan. It looks like the new Corolla Altis X-package will soon be coming to the roads.


Toyota IMC has successfully retained a strong market status over the decades. Toyota fans have observed 11 generations of the famous sedan in the country. In the last decade, the company has gained immense popularity for launching crowd-favorite car models. However, most of the spotlight revolves around Corolla. With a whooping local success, the IMC CEO revealed the information about an upcoming variant of Corolla Altis with a few interior and exterior upgrades.

Apart from the cosmetic changes, the price tag of the new Corolla Altis X-package is also a bit higher. Let’s look into the details:

Corolla Altis X-Package

A few weeks back, the Indus Motor Company (IMC) CEO Ali Jamali revealed the news of Corolla X coming to the markets by January 2021. As reported, the car covers a few minor changes in the 1.6L and 1.8L Altis Grande.


Corolla Altis X-Package Price Revealed in Pakistan!

As reported, the new Corolla comes with body kit upgrades, interior color changes, seat belt sensors, and parking sensor features.

The All-Black Interior

The new Corolla X-package has a great surprise for the fans. The 1.8L Altis Grande (Automatic) will now feature an all-black interior. The black color adds a sleeker and executive look to the overall cabin presence of the car. Those who love black and missed having an entirely black interior in their cars have finally had their prayers answered.

Will the Black Interior be Available in all Corolla Variants?

As per the company’s plan, the all-black interior is only featured in the top-of-the-line variant Corolla Altis 1.8L automatic. Although the other upgrades can be observed in the other Altis variants, the IMC has given an element of exclusivity to this one.

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Corolla Altis X-Package – Added Features

If we talk about the overall upgrades, the new Corolla Altis X-package comes with a few smart and intelligent upgrades.

On this inside, you can now find a seat belt sensor feature for the passenger seat. To ensure a safe parking experience, the company has also added a parking sensor to the famous sedan.

Looking at the exterior, you can find a sporty and aggressive look. The front end has upgraded the bumper and air-vent section. The beautiful fog lamps cover the extending edges of the bumper on each side. It is needless to say that Corolla Altis X-package is going to be a popular choice among sport car lovers.

The rear end presents an attractive bumper design. You can also find an ‘X’ monogram on the trunk.

Price Information

When the news of the Corolla Altis X-package coming to the local market, the IMC also announced an increase in car prices. The new Corolla X comes with an increased price tag ranging between PKR 60,000 – PKR 100,000. The details of new prices for each variant are listed below:

VariantOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Corolla 1.6 MT3,159,0003,219,00060,000
Corolla 1.6 AT3,309,0003,369,00060,000
Corolla 1.8 MT3,479,0003,549,00070,000
Corolla 1.8 CVT3,629,0003,699,00070,000
Altis Grande 1.8 CVT (Beige Interior)3,899,0003,979,00080,000
Altis Grande 1.8 CVT (Black Interior)3,899,0003,999,000100,000


Delivery Status

The IMC will start the delivery of the new facelift Corolla by January 13, 2021. Toyota fans will soon be seeing the Corolla Altis X-package on the roads.

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