Changan Alsvin Booking Reopened Soon After Proton Saga Launch

Changan Alsvin booking reopened on the day of the Proton Saga's launch. Is it a coincidence or a pre-planned stunt? Find out the details!

Changan Alsvin Booking Reopened!


Changan Alsvin booking reopened!

Proton has just made the official launch of the long-awaited entry-level sedan Saga. While the fans are still getting their hands on the official information about features and price, Changan has played smart. We had reported a few weeks back that Changan is facing delays in the delivery schedule of Alsvin – now the second cheapest sedan. However, the company reappeared on the official Facebook page with an announcement to reopen the Changan Alsvin booking.

How to book Alsvin?

Changan Alsvin booking reopened!

As per the official announcement and instructions issued by Master Motors Group, the process of booking is simple. If you want to book your Changan Alsvin, you need to be aware of the following two instructions:

  • Only one booking per CNIC
  • Pay orders to be on account of the customer’s name

It is important to mention that this time Changan has opened the booking for Alsvin for regular customers. In the previous phase, the company opened the bookings only for financing customers.

Expected Delivery Time

While the above-mentioned details are indeed a positive step forward by the company, the customers need to know that the expected delivery time is yet to be revealed. As per the company’s statement, “Changan Alsvin is fully booked till June by our genuine customers”, back in January, a lot of customers are waiting for the arrival of their booked cars.

Is It a Coincidence?

If you are also wondering if it was simply a coincidence that Changan reopened the booking of Alsvin the same day when Proton launched Saga, the answer is no!

According to the sources, it was a planned idea to reopen the Changan Alsvin booking on the day of the Proton Saga launch. As evident, the company does not want to lose its customers to Proton for launching the cheapest sedan in Pakistan.

Moreover, the reopening of booking does not mean that the cars will deliver any time soon. Changan is still waiting for the pending vehicle deliveries. However, it is important to mention that Alsvin is superior in terms of features and quality to Proton Saga. But if you are looking for a quick delivery schedule, Proton may take the lead in that while Alsvin customers still have to wait a few months.

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