Changan Pakistan Price Increase – Company Issues Public Notification

Changan Pakistan increasing the price of Alsvin (the cheapest sedan yet-to-be).

Changan Pakistan is a hot topic in the news nowadays owing to the late shipment deliveries and price increase. The company launched Alsvin – the cheapest sedan in Pakistan earlier this year. However, due to the effects of the pandemic, the shipping costs are undergoing cost fluctuations. To address the customer queries regarding the Changan Pakistan price increase, the company has now issued a public notification.


Changan Pakistan Price Increase

Changan Pakistan Price Increase Notification

For the past few weeks, Changan Pakistan was facing a lot of queries and doubts from the customers. While the company officials notified earlier about the shipment delays, it looks like now the company ownership has decided to increase Alsvin’s price even before its proper launch.

The Changan Pakistan price increase can be due to several reasons. While this may be true, the customers are questioning the company’s commitment to offering the cheapest sedan in the country.

Changan Pakistan Price Increase

Just yesterday, the company has finally issued a public notification on the Facebook page to announce the price increase with a humble message for the customers.

Status of Current Bookings

Changan Pakistan has clearly mentioned in the public notice that the price increase due to the increased shipping costs will not affect the customers who have already booked their cars. This means that all the customers with the confirmed booking order form will not have to pay the new price of Changan Alsvin.

As far as the late shipments are concerned, there are a few other newcomers in the local auto market observing the same problem with their vehicles. However, it is uncertain as of yet if the vehicles will arrive in the coming weeks.

Changan Pakistan Upcoming Car

While the customers are waiting for their Alsvin car deliveries, Changan Pakistan is planning to launch the next car which is a 7-seater SUV. Click here to find the details of the Changan CX70T SUV.

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