Bringing Smiles Project may snatch smile from the face of President Arif Alvi

HealthBringing Smiles Project may snatch smile from the face of President Arif...

Islamabad, Pakistan: The press conference of PMLN leader Atta Tarar has opened a Pandora’s box that would certainly harm the reputation of President Arif Alvi more than anybody else and more than ever before.

President Arif Alvi who had allegedly been involved in attacking the state-run television building in 2014 has been found in the middle of a huge controversy that can be called the “Bringing Smiles Project” that would certainly not leave any smile over Arif Alvi’s face in days to come.


Atta Tarar’s press conference indicates how President Alvi allegedly fooled everyone around and how he made money, by being in a Presidential Office during the last five years. Atta believes that all financial details need to be put before the nation so people can understand that not only he but his family members also minted billions of rupees in all this time.

Bringing Smiles Project

Using the influence of Governor Office Sindh, Awab Alvi, the real son of President Arif Alvi contracted a deal with an American firm namely “Bringing Smiles” which was worth 25 Million US$.  Bringing Smiles is linked to a fintech startup called Brillio, all of whose investors and board of governors are Indian nationals. The first daring question that is raised by Atta Tarar is how can a firm with such proven Indian links be funded with the organization owned by a son of the Commander in Chief of Pakistan and the contract was signed in Governor House—a symbol of Statehood in a province?

In November 2021, Alvi Dental Hospital, led by Dr Awab Alvi, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Smile Brands Inc. USA led by Dr Anas Athar to bring high-quality dentistry affordable across Pakistan. The new company formed is Inspire Dental Network.

The MoU was signed by Awab Alvi of Alvi Dental Hospital and Dr Anas Athar of Bringing Smiles Inc., which President Arif Alvi and First Lady Samina Arif Alvi witnessed in their private capacity.

Bringing Smiles Project may cause "no smile" on the face of President Arif Alvi
Bringing Smiles Project may cause “no smile” on the face of President Arif Alvi

The group was named Inspire Dental Network (Pvt.) Ltd (IDN) after the MoU between Alvi Dental Hospital and Bringing Smiles Inc., USA. According to the MoU, IDN would improve oral health in Pakistan by opening up clinics across Pakistan. The company will set up clinics, hire dentists, and offer training.

Another interesting point in the whole scene was that the President has said several times that he resigned from Alvi Dental while he was present in the ceremony that he arranged for his family venture at Sindh House—The Governor House of Sindh province.

President’s son Awab Alvi is also a member of TED India and interestingly, President Alvi has been using his private residence as the camp office of TED India. Around eight official vehicles and two BMWs remain present at all times at that camp office and all the expenses are borne by the Presidency.

PMLN circles also claim that the President’s Office has also been hiring media people for self-projection, advancement of political leaning, and paddling of a certain narrative that only suited himself and partly his party PTI. These circles claim that President House has become a stronghold of Anti-State Conspiracies

President Arif Alvi recruited the official social media team members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) namely Adil Ansari to coordinate the media affairs of the President’s House. He and the President’s son Awab Alvi openly promote the PTI narrative.

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