Beware of the Summer Cold Among Children


Summer time in Pakistan is full of heat waves still it is children’s favorite time of the year. They get to enjoy the summer vacation from school and play with their mates. A lot of children like to indulge in water activities and regardless of the heat play outdoors all day.

Although this is supposed to be stress free time, many children still get sick because of the germs that they catch from playing outside all day. Summer cold is a very common ailment that among children during summer vacation.

A summer cold is very similar to a common cold and thus requires the same care and treatment. In this article, we are addressing the symptoms of a summer cold among children and how you can deal with it as a parent.

How summer cold is different from a common cold?

There is a common misconception that the weather needs to be chilly for a person to catch a cold. The reality is that the weather has nothing to do with a cold. The main thing that confuses people when their children get a summer cold is allergies. Since late spring and early summer are the season of pollen, allergies seem more probable to people than a common cold. There are however major differences between allergies and a cold.

The main symptoms such as sneezing, chest congestion and a runny nose are the same in both cold and allergic reactions. Children with a cold however will also have fever, coughing and sweating. The intensity of the symptoms will also vary.

According to the child specialists at oladoc, children with a cold will present mild symptoms at the start, which are likely to become worse gradually before vanishing in around two weeks. The children with allergic problems will present symptoms which are likely to stay at the same intensity before going away.

Another difference is the thickness of the nasal discharge. There will be greenish, thick nasal discharge when your child is experiencing a summer cold. In case of allergies, the discharge will be yellowish and translucent.

The onset of symptoms is also very different in a summer cold. The symptoms build up and present themselves one after the other while in allergies, all of the symptoms appear at once.

How to treat a summer cold?

The key to treating a summer cold is same as treating a winter cold and that is rest. The best way to beat the cold is to make your child take as much rest as possible. Fluid intake is also important in eliminating the virus so fresh juices and herbal teas are also helpful.

Another way to make your child more comfortable while he/she fights the cold is to use humidifiers. Steam inhalation can also help in dealing with a runny nose and clear up the congestion

The purpose of this article was to educate you on the matters of child health. This information is not enough to diagnose your child. If your child is presenting symptoms, you should take him/her to a child specialist as soon as possible. In case, you do not hurry to the doctor thinking that it is a cold and will go away, there is a chance that your child’s allergies might aggravate thus leading to further complications.


This article was produced in partnership with oladoc.com, a digital health company in Pakistan. Using oladoc, you can find the best child specialist in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and book an appointment online.

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