Best Health Insurance Companies in Australia

HealthBest Health Insurance Companies in Australia

Best Health Insurance companies in Australia

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, owing to its public health coverage, Medicare. As an add-on, the best private health insurance companies offer a broader range of medical treatments at low costs and help avoid the long queues in public hospitals. Some of the leading Australian medical insurance providers offer affordable solutions to financial concerns during the disease.


List of the Best Health Insurance Companies in Australia 

The top insurance providers for health and wellness in the country offer monetary support during acute and chronic diseases and medical emergencies. With their variable coverage plans and covers, you can customize your health insurance policy at low costs. Some of the Australia’s private health insurance companies include;

1. Australian Unity

Best Health Insurance companies in Australia

Australian Unity is among the oldest health funds in Australia, with a legacy dating back to 1840. Their commitment is to tailor coverage based on individual needs. They offer;

  •  Hospital Coverage encompasses everything from basic treatments to more comprehensive care, ensuring surgeries, rehabilitations, and even complex procedures like heart surgeries are covered. 
  • Extras Cover emphasizes preventive care, covering regular dental check-ups, optical exams, physiotherapy sessions, and more. 
  •  Combined Packages are for those looking for holistic plans that merge the benefits of both hospital and extra covers into one.

2. Medibank

Best Health Insurance companies in Australia

Medibank, a household name in Australia, has built its reputation on versatile and comprehensive insurance plans. It holds almost 27% of the market share and is the most popular health insurance in the country.

  • Their Hospital Cover ranges from basic, which deals with accidents and emergencies, to premium tiers that cover a myriad of treatments, including maternity, orthopaedics, and cardiology. 
  • The Extras Cover is equally varied, with options to cover general dental, major dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic services, and more.

Medibank’s edge lies in its additional perks – members often get discounts, 24/7 health advice, and even gym memberships.

3. Ahm Health Fund

Best Health Insurance companies in Australia

Operating under the Medibank umbrella, Ahm differentiates itself with a focus on simplicity and value. It is the cheapest insurance company providing exceptional medical treatments at fairly low prices.

Their covers are for singles, couples, families, and single parents, while the health covers are as follows;

  • Their Black and white Covers for hospitals come in tiers but are designed to be straightforward, covering everything from basic treatments to more intensive surgeries. 
  • The Extras they offer can be customized, allowing members to choose services they’ll use frequently, be it dental, optical, or physiotherapy. 
  • Their Combined Covers offer a balance of both, providing all-rounded protection.

The payment frequency can easily be adjusted to weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly as per your ease.

  1. Bupa

Best health insurance companies in Australia

A global name, Bupa’s Australian operations focus on comprehensive and easy-to-understand health insurance plans. 

  • Their Hospital Cover spans from essential treatments, ideal for those on a budget, to gold-tier plans that cover a broad spectrum of medical treatments. 
  • The Extras Cover is designed with everyday health in mind, ensuring members can access dental, optical, and therapy services regularly. 
  • Unique to Bupa is their Overseas Health Cover, specially designed for non-residents or students in Australia, ensuring they receive medical care during their stay.

5. West Fund

Best Health Insurance companies in Australia

One of the popular private health providers in Australia, West Fund is a member-centric provider that prides itself on clarity and value. They offer health coverage to Australian permanent residents or overseas from other countries.

  • Their Hospital Cover is tailored, ensuring members can choose from basic emergency treatments to top-tier comprehensive plans that leave no stone unturned.
  • The Extras Cover they offer places emphasis on a range of services, ensuring members get value, whether it’s through dental treatments, optical exams, or even alternative therapies. 
  • A standout offering is their Ambulance Cover, safeguarding members from often unexpected and high ambulance service costs.

6. HCF

Best Health Insurance companies in Australia

HCF, one of Australia’s largest non-profits in the health sector, offers a blend of value and medical coverage.

  •  Their Hospital Covers are diverse, covering accident-only scenarios to more elaborate plans that encompass a wide range of treatments.
  •  The Extras Cover ensures day-to-day health needs are met, from dental check-ups to therapy sessions.
  •  Unique to HCF is its foray into other insurance areas, offering members options for Travel and Pet Insurance, ensuring comprehensive protection for families and their loved ones.


Australia’s private health insurance landscape is diverse, ensuring a plan for all individuals,  families, and businesses. Whether it’s a basic cover for emergencies or a comprehensive plan that covers every potential medical need, these medical insurance providers stand at the forefront of offering Australians peace of mind and health security. Get the most valuable and affordable coverage quote based on your personalized needs and specific policies. 


  • Is health insurance free in Australia?

The national health insurance policy, Medicare, offers free medical coverage to permanent residents and citizens, while private insurance companies can offer low-cost solutions with additional coverage.

  • How much is health insurance in Australia?

On average, private health insurance companies offer health coverage between $160-200 per month. The cost is subject to change based on the covers and the age of the client.

  • Is it worth getting health insurance in Australia?

Private insurance policies provide many advantages, such as getting medical check-ups in private hospitals and specialized care at low costs.

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